Course Details

Course TitleForensic Report Writing
Date 2/25/2016
ProviderAmerican Academy of Forensic Psychology
LocationNew Orleans
Credit Hours7
Instructor(s)Deborah Collins, Psy.D., ABPP
Method of InstructionWorkshop/Seminar
Approving AgencyABPP
Course Syllabus Forensic report writing_CE credits.pdf

Course Description

Crucial to effective communication of forensic evaluation findings are knowledge of the principles of forensic report writing and skills in implementing them.  This workshop reviews principles for proper organization (outline) of reports, selection of content that will meet legal demands, and styles of communication that meet judicial needs.  The workshop also includes comment and practical advice by the workshop leader on sample forensic reports, including those that participants are invited to submit prior to the workshop.

Course Objectives

Explain key findings from conceptual and empirical literature regarding forensic report writing practices of clinicians Identify strategies for writing culturally and linguistically sensitive and fair forensic reports. Describe alternative ways to organize a forensic report. List six key principles of forensic report writing. Outline critical sections of forensic reports and types of content for inclusion in each Identify elements of forensic report writing style that can improve communication of information. Utilize ABFP Practice Sample Review requirements, process, and criteria.