Course Details

Course TitleSPCP 2017 - Resistance to change? Start at the top!
Date 9/15/2017
ProviderSPCP 2017 Annual Conference
Phone(540) 568-6107
LocationSan Diego
Credit Hours0.25
Instructor(s)Gouvier, William Drew Ph.D.; Hill, Benjamin D. Ph.D.; Mandi W. Musso Ph.D.
Method of InstructionLecture
Approving AgencyAPA
Course Syllabus

Course Description

Damage prevention and control are key responsibilities of Police Chiefs everywhere, as all bucks ultimately stop at the Chief's desk. We cover six key regulatory constraints that make Chiefs' jobs more difficult, and present a template for addressing each of these issues using a data-based empirical strategy for managing liabilities when making new hires. / / 1. IACP Guidelines for the use and content of the Post-offer, Pre-employment Psychological Evaluation. / 2. ADA guidelines to prevent discrimination based on the presence of mental or emotional conditions. / 3. EEOC regulations defining, and computational statistics for determining the presence of disproportionate impact across protected groups. / 4. 42 USC 1983 Regulations governing the systemic practice patterns of hiring agency. / 5. APA Standards for Educational and Psychological Tests. / 6. APA Guidelines for the provision of remote telepsychology services. / / This represents a "Bulwark of Protection" to assist the agency and its Chief in proactively preparing for, and protecting against any liability complaints claiming a dysfunctional H.R. system allows for inappropriate hires to the agency / /

Course Objectives

Participants will become conversant with the obstacles and regulatory requirement that must be addressed when making a "clean hire. Participants will learn how to modify and adapt the templates to describe their own practice outcomes in understandable layman's terms.