Course Details

Course TitleSPCP 2017 - Screening Profiles and Vicarious Trauma of First Responders, Police, Chiefs, and Firefighters
Date 9/15/2017
ProviderSPCP 2017 Annual Conference
Phone(540) 568-6107
LocationSan Diego
Credit Hours0.75
Method of InstructionLecture
Approving AgencyAPA
Course Syllabus

Course Description

This presentation introduces a model for pre-employment screening of public safety professionals that adds an assessment of soft signs of occupational success to traditional screening protocols. Included with standard tests of psychopathology and antisocial behavior patterns are inquiries about work orientation, job requirement expectations, resilience, and vicarious trauma/past traumatic experiences. / Using the Inwald Research Benchmarking Index (IRBI), Inwald Emotional Fitness Quotient (IEFQ) Inwald Stress Control Survey (ISCS), and Inwald Trauma/Resiliency Inventory (ITRI), a sample of police chiefs, first responders to a terrorist attack, working firefighters, and firefighter candidates were evaluated. First responders, firefighter candidates, and working firefighters showed similar validity scores, while older officers with the same level of honesty/integrity/self-awareness admitted to higher levels of trauma, vicarious trauma, and/or stress-related symptoms as measured on the ITRI. A follow-up research project is underway to compare experienced officer profiles on characteristics associated with successful performance, while controlling for experiences of trauma or vicarious

Course Objectives

1. Participants will become familiar with differences between working public safety officers and candidates on personality characteristics viewed as necessary for successful performance. <div>2. Participants will learn of age-related differences for first responders, officers and candidates on measures of trauma and vicarious trauma.</div>