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Course TitleSPCP 2017 - Adverse Impact Analysis of the MMPI-2-RF Police Candidate Interpretive Report (PCIR)
Date 9/16/2017
ProviderSPCP 2017 Annual Conference
Phone(540) 568-6107
LocationSan Diego
Credit Hours0.75
Instructor(s)David Corey, PhD, ABPP
Method of InstructionLecture
Approving AgencyAPA
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Course Description

Federal law prohibits discrimination (“adverse impact” or AI) in hiring practices on the basis of race, sex or other protected class. AI occurs when a hiring practice disproportionately excludes protected class members. The analysis of AI—comparing the pass rates of majority vs. minority candidates—occurs at the point of exclusion. However, if AI is found, each element of the selection process is subject to scrutiny to assess its contribution to it. When AI is proven, the employer may counter that the component is a valid predictor of job performance, although it may still be unlawful if shown that an alternative produces less AI and is equally valid. Research demonstrates that the MMPI-2 Restructured Form (MMPI-2-RF) predicts multiple problem behaviors in police officers. Corey and Ben-Porath (2014) developed the Police Candidate Interpretive Report that links MMPI-2-RF scores with risk-related findings from these studies in the form of an annotated narrative. The cutoffs used to trigger the narrative are fixed and, therefore, subject to AI analysis. This presentation will summarize the procedures used in the analysis and its findings showing no AI vis-à-vis minority candidates.

Course Objectives