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Course TitleIACP 2017 - The Importance of Assessing Executive Functioning in Police and Fire Applicants
Date 10/21/2017
ProviderIACP - PPSS
Credit Hours1
Instructor(s)Mark Zelig, Ph.D., ABPP; Paul Craig, Ph.D., ABPP
Method of InstructionWorkshop/Seminar
Approving AgencyAPA
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Executive functioning is the capacity of a person to inhibit responses, update and shift plans in response to changing circumstances, resist interference from distractions, and simultaneously orchestrate an appropriate response to a specific situation. The success of first responders is highly dependent upon their ability to think clearly and behave appropriately -- to demonstrate good executive functioning in high-stress situations. Although rarely administered in routine pre-employment evaluations, there are several easily administered and valid tests of executive functioning available. This presentation will provide practical information for psychologists interested in adding measures of executive functioning to their test battery.

Course Objectives