Course Details

Course TitleCDCR Pre-Employment Peace Officer Psychological Screening and Report Writing
Date 1/12/2018
ProviderMindset Continuing Education
Credit Hours6
Instructor(s)David M. Cordosi, Psy.D., and Brian Pifferini, Psy.D.
Method of InstructionWorkshop/Seminar
Approving AgencyAPA
Course Syllabus Jan_2018_PSP Training_Outline_Final.docx

Course Description

This 6 Credit Hour workshop is designed for licensed psychologists who take part in CDCR’s pre-employment psychological screening process and currently meet minimum POST standards to be qualified evaluators, to include having passed the POST Psychological Screening Manual Exam. The workshop is intended to provide psychologists with the tools necessary to conduct thorough and defensible pre-employment evaluation interviews and reports to determine peace officer psychological suitability. To that end, there will be a thorough review and discussion of critical components that go into preparing well-supported, sound suitable & unsuitable recommendation reports that adequately address public safety concerns and stand up to negligent hiring claims, adhere to relevant laws & regulations, and are defensible at SPB Appeal Hearings and other legal proceedings. There will be a comprehensive review of the entire screening process, to include the following areas: background investigation & related components, pre-employment medical, PHQ, psychological testing, psychological interview preparation, psychological interview, psychological report writing, and recommendation & decision-making. Moreover, post-decision components will be reviewed, including Academy placement, Second Opinion Evaluations, Dispute Resolution Process, SPB Appeal Hearings, and relevant laws & regulations. The utilization of all available data sources to inform the semi-structured psychological interview and psychological report will be emphasized. Various types of interviews will be discussed, along with CDCR report templates relevant to each; sample reports for standard suitable & unsuitable candidates will be reviewed at length, as will sample reports for clarifying & update interviews. The final portion of the workshop will focus on integrating findings from the MMPI-2-RF and CPI into the pre-employment psychological interview and report.

Course Objectives

<div><div><ul><li>Identify and describe the differences between pre-employment psychological screening versus selection; Define psychological ‘suitability’</li><li>Identify and discuss the various components CDCR peace officer applicants are required to go through prior to being given a conditional job offer and being scheduled for the pre-employment psychological screening interview</li><li>Identify and demonstrate practical knowledge regarding various resources and data required to prepare for and conduct a CDCR pre-employment peace officer psychological screening semi-structured interview/evaluation</li><li>Identify and demonstrate practical knowledge regarding the components that go into preparing a sound, lawful, and defensible CDCR pre-employment peace officer psychological screening report</li><li>Demonstrate practical knowledge of the similarities and differences relevant to writing suitable versus unsuitable recommendation reports</li><li>Identify and describe the various components & potential scenarios that may be involved subsequent to the psychological suitability decision</li><li>Identify and demonstrate practical knowledge concerning the various types of CDCR psychological interviews/reports and report templates related to each</li><li>Apply and integrate results from the MMPI-2-RF and CPI into the CDCR pre-employment psychological interview and psychological interview report</li></ul></div></div><div><br></div>