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Course TitleIACP 2019 - The POST Dimensions and Cultural Competence in Policing: Diverse Chiefs’ Experiences from the Field
Date 10/26/2019
ProviderIACP - PPSS
Phone800-843-4227 (educational program)
Credit Hours1.5
Instructor(s)Karen Ashley, M.Ed; Carmen Best; Michael Bricker, PhD; Cheol Kang; Cerise M Vablais, MBA, PhD
Method of InstructionWorkshop/Seminar
Approving AgencyAPA
Course Syllabus

Course Description

The California POST's 10 dimensions serve as a shared language for law enforcement leaders in discussing job-relevant areas seen as largely universal in policing. As a result of the unique position of power inherent in this work, it is incumbent upon LE agencies to ensure that personnel not misuse their authority or otherwise make decisions that place citizens at risk. In addition, given the recent increased media scrutiny, abuse of power allegations, and the growing unease voiced by citizens and communities of color, it is imperative that law enforcement agencies be equipped to answer these challenges through identifying personnel and policies that are culturally competent, sensitive, and respectful of the needs of their communities.

Course Objectives