Course Details

Course TitleABPPSP: Evaluations of Police Suitability and Fitness for Duty
Date Varies
ProviderCONCEPT continuing & professional studies (Palo Alto University)
Credit Hours8
Instructor(s)David Corey, PhD, ABPP and Mark Zelig, PhD, ABPP
Method of InstructionIndependent Learning
Approving AgencyAPA
Course Syllabus

Course Description

This program provides a comprehensive overview of the two most common psychological evaluations conducted by police psychologists: evaluations of the psychological suitability of police candidates and the psychological fitness of incumbent police officers. This program discusses the most prominent federal laws and regulations, professional practice guidelines, and ethical standards pertinent to these evaluations. The presenters also provide detailed procedural guidance, including advice for obtaining informed consent, providing disclosure to the involved parties, conducting clinical and collateral interviews, selecting written assessment instruments, integrating the assessment findings to reach determinations of suitability and fitness, and preparing written reports and testimony that anticipate their various audiences and uses.

Course Objectives