Course Details

Course Title2020 LEPS Conference
Date 12/9/2020
ProviderJohnson, Roberts, and Associates
Website N/A
Credit Hours4
Instructor(s)Ryan Roberts, JD, PhD and Mike Roberts, PhD, ABPP
Method of InstructionLecture
Approving AgencyAPA
Course Syllabus 2020 LEPS Conference Agenda.pdf

Course Description

Special Issues in the Psychological Assessment of Police and Public Safety Applicants

Course Objectives

PRESENTATION:  Remote Psychological Assessment: Validity, Ethics, and Procedure (1 hour)
  • Discuss the impact on psychological test validity of utilizing remote administration procedures
  • Discuss issues that arise from client demands that conflict with health and safety guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Describe some of the challenges and best practices of conducting remote psychological interviews
PRESENTATION:  Utilizing Polygraph Evaluations in Psychological Assessment Evaluations: Combating Impression Management, Ryan Roberts, JD,  PhD and Mike Roberts, PhD, ABPP (2 hours)
  • Discuss the challenges faced by screening psychologists when assessing taboo subject matter.
  • Describe the effect the presence of a polygraph has on the rate of endorsement of negative history in the hiring process.
  • List three personality test correlates of having used racial slurs in one's past, among public safety applicants.
PRESENTATION:  Addressing Amended Section 1031(f): Assessing Bias. Ryan Roberts, JD,  PhD and Mike Roberts, PhD, ABPP (1 hour)
  • Discuss the requirements of amended 1031(f) as it pertains to the assessment of bias in law enforcement applicants in California.
  • Describe features of psychological testing, background history, and polygraph evaluations that may be considered when making an assessment of bias.
  • Discuss the interaction of executive functioning and bias as it relates to law enforcement job performance.