Course Details

Course TitleCultural Diversity and Competence in Police and Public Safety Psychology
Date Varies
ProviderCONCEPT Continuing & Professional Studies (Palo Alto University)
LocationPalo Alto
Credit Hours3.5
Instructor(s)Joel Fay, PsyD, ABPP & Ellen Kirschman, PhD
Method of InstructionOnline (Asynchronous/Self-paced)
Approving AgencyAPA
Course Syllabus

Course Description

This self-paced training program on Cultural Diversity and Cultural Competence in Police & Public Safety Psychology is presented by Joel Fay, PsyD, ABPP & Ellen Kirschman, PhD. First Responders are not eager clients. It takes a lot for them to seek help and very little to turn them off. Therapists who make mistakes don’t get second chances. The number one error clinicians make treating first responders is failing to understand what they do, why they do it, and the culture in which they work. This program examines the differences and similarities between first responders and mental health professionals and what it takes, personally and professionally to create strong therapeutic alliances. This course also covers personal challenges for the clinician, ways to acquire an insider’s look at the culture, and unique issues affecting women, minorities, and LBTQ responders.

Course Objectives

  • Describe personal biases toward first responders and how these may help or hinder the therapeutic environment

  • Describe issues of transference and counter transference

  • Describe the basic elements of establishing a therapeutic alliance

  • Describe unique aspects of treating first responders such as guns in the office, dual relationships, and boundary issues

  • Describe the first responder culture

  • Describe three ways to gain entry to the first responder culture