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Executive Seminars

Executive Seminars are designed for use by local law enforcement chief executive groups. Executive Seminars, identified in regulation by that name, were formerly known by several names including: Chief’s Workshops, Chief Executive Workshops, Executive Training Seminars, Executive Training and Problem-Solving Workshops, Executive Workshops, and Regional Police Executives Workshops.

Effective January 1, 2019, only online Executive Seminar applications will be accepted. Any submissions through the United States Postal Service will be returned to the sender with instructions to submit an online application. POST requests electronic applications 120 days in advance of any requested workshop. Requesting groups will be notified of the seminar approval/denial within 14 days of application. A maximum of 20 seminars will be approved each fiscal year.

Executive Seminars may be certified for up to 40 training hours and typically focus on a variety of training topics and/or problem solving for specific regional or county-wide issues. All attendees are eligible to receive Continuing Professional Training (CPT) credit for the total certified training hours attended.

POST will reimburse a maximum of $5,500 to the requesting local law enforcement chief executive group for costs associated with the workshop including venue rental, audio visual costs, speaker costs (travel, lodging and fees), reproduction costs, etc. POST will not reimburse for any food, drink, or gifts for attendees. Any attendee employed by an agency in the POST program will be reimbursed individually for travel (mileage), lodging, and per diem through the Training Reimbursement Request (TRR) process. Previously, attendees not employed by a POST agency (non-POST participating District Attorneys, Chief Probation Officers, etc.), and California Highway Patrol area commanders, were reimbursed by POST through a Letter of Agreement (LOA) for individual attendance costs. LOA reimbursement for Executive Seminars is no longer allowed. Any California Highway Patrol employee or non-POST participating members of any district attorney or county probation department must provide funding for all costs associated with the attendance of any Executive Seminar. 

Reimbursement requests should be submitted during the State fiscal year the training occurs (July 1 to June 30). POST regulations allow a 60-day grace period at the end of each fiscal year to submit any reimbursement requests.  Any reimbursement requests not received on or before August 30th following any State fiscal year, will not be accepted or paid. All agencies, especially agencies scheduling workshops near the end of the fiscal year (April, May, or June), should keep the regulatory deadline in mind and submit reimbursement requests in a timely manner.

Any questions about Executive Seminars can be directed to Law Enforcement Consultant Brad NewMyer at (916) 227-3893