POST Videos

California POST delivers high-quality videos available for the law enforcement community.

Did You Know? Video Series

The Did You Know? video series are under three minute video spots that deliver a strong training message in a quick and dynamic way.

SAFE Driving Videos

View all of the SAFE Driving videos and learn more about the SAFE Driving campaign.

  • Embrace Life - always wear your seat belt - A poignant 90-second video produced by the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership in 2010 (via YouTube)
  • Is Today Your Day? - A 23-minute video produced by the International Association of Chiefs of Police in 2010. It encourages law enforcement officers to wear seatbelts through emotional appeals by family members and coworkers.
  • Remembering 5th and Wall - This video revisits a tragic loss and ensures that the sacrifice these officers made was not in vain.  We can all honor the memory of these officers by wearing our seatbelt and by driving safely.

Special Videos

  • AB 109 Public Safety Realignment Act - Clarifies the key areas of the law, features some processes that are working well and dispels some of the common myths associated with the new law. 
  • Command College Video - This video introduces POST Command College, the dynamic learning experience that focuses on the most effective methods, skills, and strategies needed to successfully confront and effectively manage tomorrow's law enforcement issues.
  • This is POST Overview Video - Provides a brief overview of the lifelong partnerships and collaboration POST provides to its law enforcement stakeholders throughout California.
  • Victims of Violence Video - This special video is designed to teach victims how to work more effectively with law enforcement, and educate law enforcement personnel regarding the critical role victims might play in bringing a case to successful prosecution.

Training Videos

  • Law enforcement agency training managers or training supervisors may use the online Video Catalog to browse the entire POST video collection and place orders for DVD video programs.

Law Enforcement Recruitment Videos