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Team Building Workshop Program

Program Design

The Team Building Workshop (TBW) Program pairs independent specialized consultant services with the management team of a local agency to assist with problem solving, developing organizational goals and objectives, and/or team building within the agency. POST has an approved list of over 20 presenters to present/facilitate the workshop. The facilitation of the workshop by a POST approved, impartial, non-client agency employee is crucial to the success of each workshop.

Upon approval, a list of approved presenters will be sent to the agency. The client agency is responsible for selecting a presenter from the list. Once a presenter has been selected, and agrees to present the TBW for the organization, the presenter typically starts an interactive three-phase process that includes:

  • Identification of Need: The POST certified presenter will survey the agency to develop preliminary information about the problem(s) and/or issue(s) to be addressed in the workshop, and agree with the client agency how long the workshop will be (16 or 24 hours).
  • Workshop Session: Sixteen (16) to twenty-four (24) hours are set aside for group work at an off-site location. During the workshop, an action plan is developed to solve identified problems, set goals or objectives, and/or team build.
  • Follow-up Evaluation: The agency must complete a TBW After Action Plan and submit the document to POST. The presenter is required to contact the agency following the workshop to ensure the agency submits the TBW After Action Plan, and to monitor the action plan's implementation.
(16 or 24 hour workshop session)

Identification of Need

  • Survey of staff
  • Organization diagnostics by presenter
  • Development of workshop agenda

Workshop Session

  • Small group work
  • (5-19 participants)
  • Complete workshop agenda
  • Develop TBW After Action Plan

Follow-up Evaluation

  • Client agency starts implementation of action plan
  • Client agency completes a TBW After Action Plan
  • Presenter monitors action plan implementation

The presenter will work with the agency to complete all three phases, and assist in the completion of the TBW After Action Plan and its implementation. Upon completion of the TBW After Action Plan, the agency must submit the report to POST. 

Because a Team Building Workshop is not a training class, it does not qualify for Continuing Professional Training (CPT) credits.

Program Eligibility 

To participate in the TBW Program, an agency must participate in the POST reimbursement program. An agency is eligible for a POST-approved Team Building Workshop every two years (every other fiscal year).

Program Guidelines

The following program guidelines are established to ensure equity in the application of Team Building Workshop Program resources:

  • POST and the client agency are co-clients of the TBW presenter.
  • Information derived during the TBW process may not be released without the prior consent of POST and all workshop participants.
  • POST-certified presenters may not contract with TBW client agencies for private consulting services for a six-month period following a TBW presentation.

The workshop group must include a minimum of five (5) participants. The agency head is responsible for selecting attendees to the workshop. The workshop attendees can be both sworn and/or civilian supervisory personnel as long as the agency head believes their attendance will aid in completing the goals created for the agency’s workshop. POST reimbursement is limited to a maximum of nineteen (19) participants. An application that describes the need for more than 19 participants must receive the joint approval of both the TBW presenter and POST. Costs for additional participants must be borne by the agency. The workshop must be completed in the fiscal year that it was approved.

NEW Application Process

Beginning May 1, 2017, only online Team Building Workshop (TBW) applications will be accepted. Any application submitted through the US Postal Service or by Fax will no longer be accepted.

New TBW applications will be accepted on May 1st of each year. Applications will be reviewed and approved in the order received on a first come, first served basis. Applicants will be notified if their application is approved or denied within 30 days of the application date. 

Complete the TBW application to apply for a Team Building Workshop.

Program Reimbursement

Team Building Workshops are certified under Reimbursement Plan IV. Plan IV reimbursement includes travel (mileage), meals and incidentals (per diem), and hotel costs for each workshop attendee.

The client agency is required to pay a presenter fee of $5,550 directly to the presenter.  The presenter fee will be reimbursed upon POST’s receipt of the Training Reimbursement Request (TRR) for the workshop. There is no need for any special billing to POST for reimbursement of the presenter fee. The presenter fee includes the following: 

  • Presenter’s salary
  • Presenter’s travel
  • Presenter’s per diem expenses
  • Conference room rental
  • Miscellaneous workshop expenses
  • Audio/Visual rental

In order to be an approved presenter, presenters have agreed to provide all of the described TBW services for the set fee amount.  The length of the workshop session (Phase II) will be determined by agreement of the agency head and the presenter. There is no reduction of the presenter fee for a 16 hour workshop. 

A limit on travel reimbursement for agency attendees applies. Travel/mileage will be reimbursed to a maximum of 200 straight line (“as the crow flies”) round trip miles from the agency’s address to the workshop venue. Any questions about mileage should be directed to the POST program coordinator. (NOTE: Due to the distance limitation, POST subsistence reimbursement will most likely not cover the full lodging cost for the night before the workshop begins. Consider arranging your starting time on the first day and last day to accommodate travel before and after the workshop.)

Reimbursement Procedures

POST must receive the following documents before reimbursement.

The presenter must provide a:

  • Course Announcement (POST 2-110) (doc), submitted to POST no later than 30 days prior to the workshop;
  • Training Reimbursement Request (POST 2-273) (pdf), completed by the agency, signed by the agency head or designee, and given to the TBW presenter at the workshop; and
  • Course Roster (POST 2-111) (pdf), completed and signed by the presenter.

The agency must provide a:

Reimbursement will not be processed until all four documents, listed above, are received by POST.

Urgency Exemption

If an agency experiences a compelling need for a workshop due to a management crisis, and all workshops have been allocated for that year, the agency may request an urgency exemption.
To request an urgency exemption, the agency head must prepare a letter to the Bureau Chief of the Management Consulting Leadership Development Bureau providing a clear explanation of the urgent need being experienced. In addition to the letter, a TBW on-line application must be submitted. Applicants for an urgency exemption will be notified if their application is approved or denied within 30 days of the application date.