Advisory Committee Members

Title Name Organization
Chair Jim Bock Specialized Law Enforcement
Vice Chair George Beitey California Community College
Member Elmo Banning Public Member
Member Alex Bernard Public Member
Member Andrew Bidou California Police Chiefs' Association (CPCA)
Member Ed Bonner California State Sheriffs’ Association (CSSA)
Member Mario Casas California Coalition of Law Enforcement Associations (CCLEA)
Member Joe Flannagan Peace Officers’ Research Association of California (PORAC)
Member Charles King California Highway Patrol (CHP)
Member Richard Lindstrom California Academy Directors’ Association (CADA)
Member Alan McFadon Public Safety Dispatcher Advisory Council (PSDAC)
Member Sandra Spagnoli California Peace Officers' Association (CPOA)
Member Randy Waltz California Association of Police Training Officers (CAPTO)
Member Brad Young California Association of Administration of Justice Educators (CAAJE)


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