POST Governance

Peace Officer Standards Accountability Advisory Board

SB 2 creates the Peace Officer Standards Accountability Advisory Board with 9 members to be appointed as specified. The bill requires the board to hold public meetings to review the findings after an investigation made by the division and to make a recommendation to the commission. The bill requires the commission to review the recommendation made by the board based on whether there is evidence that reasonably supports the board’s conclusion that misconduct has been established and, if action is to be taken against an officer's certification, return the determination to the division to commence formal proceedings consistent with the Administrative Procedure Act.

POST Commission

The POST Commission forms a balanced group of city and county administrators, law enforcement professionals, educators, and public members. The Governor appoints 15 of the Commissioners, with the advice and consent of the Senate, for three-year overlapping terms. The Speaker of the Assembly and the Senate Pro Tempore also each appoint one Commissioner. The Attorney General is an ex-officio member and serves as the 18th POST Commissioner.

Advisory Committee Members

The POST Advisory Committee performs a key role as part of the Commission’s team by providing a two-way communication link between the Commission and organizations that share an interest in the Commission’s work.  The committee meets prior to each Commission meeting to review and analyze topics the Commission will later address.  Advisory Committee members represent associations and organizations within the California law enforcement community, educators, and the public-at-large.