Who POST is and What We Do

Who is POST? What is POST responsible for?

This video provides a brief overview of the lifelong partnerships and collaboration POST provides to its law enforcement stakeholders throughout California. 

Frequently Asked Questions

General and program-specific questions and answers to support the law enforcement community.

Management Team

The Management Team works with POST staff, affiliated POST agencies, and associations to develop and maintain programs and services that assist California Law Enforcement in addressing the needs of the communities they serve.

Monthly Reports

The POST Monthly Report is a monthly status report that informs POST Commissioners and the California law enforcement community of recent progress on POST projects, instructional programs under development, and other information of importance to our mission to continually enhance the professionalism of California law enforcement.

Mission, Values, Vision

The mission of the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) is to continually enhance the professionalism of California law enforcement in serving its communities.


The Office of Public Affairs oversees all media relations for the Commission on POST and keeps the public informed of the latest news.

Organizational Chart

Strategic Plan

The Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Strategic Plan describes the shared vision and the means for building partnerships with California law enforcement in order to work together on common goals and objectives. The key is to continually identify common needs that are shared by representatives of law enforcement and which also align with POST’s responsibilities and priorities.

The POST Strategic Plan assists POST in setting standards and improving its services for California law enforcement. With input from POST’s staff, clients, and partners, the POST Strategic Plan is continuously reviewed and updated. Research is conducted on the objectives and the outcomes are routinely provided to the Commission.