The mission of the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) is to continually enhance the professionalism of California law enforcement in serving its communities.

Recognizing that effective law enforcement is the cornerstone of a free and safe society, POST is committed to a vision of the future that ensures quality, integrity, accountability, and cooperation; encourages new ideas; explores and uses appropriate technologies; and delivers relevant, client-based programs and services.

POST fulfills its mission through...

POST is a partner with law enforcement and other public and private entities. POST communicates actively, clearly, and candidly among its staff and with its partners to enhance cooperation in meeting the needs of law enforcement.

POST is an advocate and serves as a catalyst for advancing the profession and the image of law enforcement. POST works with its partners to educate members of the public about their crucial role in supporting quality law enforcement.

Advancing Professionalism
POST, with its partners, establishes and maintains the highest relevant statewide standards for selecting and training law enforcement personnel and ensures compliance with those standards. POST strives to ensure that all California law enforcement agencies have access to high-quality, cost-effective training for the development of the skills, knowledge, ethics, and attitudes necessary for achieving and maintaining professional excellence.

Exchanging Information
POST is a center for the collection, review, evaluation, sharing, development, and referral of ideas and information on selection, training, technology, law enforcement operations, management, leadership, and other relevant topics. This includes identifying trends and emerging needs to enable law enforcement to focus on and address society’s changing issues.

Resource Stewardship
POST works in concert with law enforcement to establish priorities for the use of resources. POST allocates its resources in the most productive, equitable, and cost-effective manner. POST and its partners actively work to assure sufficient resources to meet the needs of law enforcement and the communities it serves.


Central to the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) mission are the values that guide our work and decisions, and help us contribute to the quality of programs and services we provide.

We value...

Service and Respect
We believe in providing quality services in a timely and professional manner. We are service-driven and client-oriented. We strive for excellence in all that we do. We provide service in a fair, friendly, and respectful manner. We sincerely care about people. By respecting one another, we encourage respect for all.

Cooperation and Teamwork
We value cooperation, partnership, and teamwork. We recognize that only through cooperation with our partners and others can we accomplish our mission. We foster teamwork by encouraging participation and a shared commitment to success.

Pride and Contribution
We believe each of us is crucial to performing the mission of POST. We are proud of our agency, one another, and our contributions to law enforcement. We are empowered to use our best judgment in everything we do. We are encouraged to contribute ideas to improve our services and the way POST functions.

Learning and Accountability
We believe learning and advancing professionalism are life-long endeavors. We welcome the challenge of learning whatever is necessary to grow, both personally and professionally. We set high standards, work with positive attitudes, assume responsibility, and are accountable for our behaviors, decisions, and actions.

Innovation and Diversity
We value innovation and creativity. We recognize that change is constant and we must proactively seek new and better ways to assist law enforcement. We appreciate diversity and recognize that different viewpoints and experiences are central to our understanding and meeting the unique needs of agencies throughout the state.

Communication and Decision Making
We value clear and open communication, and objective research and analysis. We encourage employee involvement and information sharing and provide an environment for active participation in the decision-making process. We value the synergistic effects of participation and group discussions which improve our understanding and help us make sound decisions.


The vision of the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) is to be the leading organization in establishing professional standards, assuring top-quality training, and providing effective services to develop and support the world's finest peace officers and law enforcement organizations.

POST Commission

The mission of the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training is to continually enhance the professionalism of California law enforcement in serving its communities.

Peace Officer Standards Accountability Advisory Board

The POSAAB Board serves as an advisory body to the Commission and reviews serious misconduct cases involving peace officers.