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Award Winner – 2018

Exceptional Service AwardSlyvia Macrae Moir 2018 Exceptional Service Award Winner

Chief Sylvia Moir began her career the late 1980’s with the Roseville and Sacramento Police Departments. Her performance in the Academy was a predictive indicator for what was to come for the rest of her career. In the Academy she received the award for the most physically fit female recruit, best all-around recruit, most inspirational recruit, and salutatorian.

She worked her way through the ranks to become a Chief of Police in California, as well as an adjunct college professor. She has served on a variety of state and nation-wide executive level committees, and served with distinction after being appointed by the governor to the California POST Commission, before she was selected to serve as the Chief of Police in Tempe. Arizona’s gain was California’s bittersweet loss.

Sylvia has reinvested every skill set she has by generously giving back to the profession she treasures. She selflessly offers her time and expertise, not only for the betterment of the profession, but for the next generation of law enforcement officers who will inherent the mantle of the nation’s public safety.

Chief Moir was presented this prestigious award in a ceremony at POST headquarters on May 30, 2019.

Past Award Recipients


Award Winner – 2017

Exceptional Service AwardWayne Windman 2017 Exceptional Service Award Winner

Wayne Windman has over forty years of law enforcement experience and a long-lasting relationship with POST.  In that time, Wayne has developed a formidable level of expertise in curriculum design, critical incident command, officer safety and field tactics, and a host of other specialties.  He is an instructor with the POST Management Course as well as Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute, and is a graduate of the POST Master Instructor Development Program.  

Wayne has reinvested every skill set he has developed by giving back to the profession he has dedicated his life to.  And, he selflessly offers his time and expertise to those who are developing training for the next generation of California’s law enforcement officers.

Wayne Windman was presented this prestigious award in a ceremony at POST headquarters on June 21, 2018.


Award Winner – 2016

Exceptional Service AwardVirginia Tomek 2016 Exceptional Service Award Winner

Virginia Tomek is veteran dispatcher, trainer, and supervisor for the Oakland Police Department, where she started her law enforcement career in 1974, and who has taken a lead role in the evolution of dispatcher training, bringing it to a level of excellence recognized throughout the State of California.  She has continually worked at helping develop the job of dispatcher into the profession it is today, and the evolution of the dispatcher’s role has been significantly influenced by her hard work, tenacity, and perseverance. 

She has been involved in the development of training courses for the Commission on POST for many years, and has been at the forefront of instructor development for trainers of dispatchers. She is a well-respected trailblazer in the critical dispatch discipline.

Virginia is well-known for her dedication to helping others.  She selflessly offers her time and expertise, not only for the betterment of the profession, but for those who are developing training. She's a tireless advocate for excellence with respect to dispatch training and has established a stellar legacy that will last for many years to come.

This award is recognition for an individual who has made significant contributions that reflect dedication, perseverance, and exceptional service to improving the professionalism of California law enforcement, and Virginia Tomek embodies that spirit of service.  

Virginia Tomek was presented this prestigious award in a ceremony at POST headquarters on June 26, 2017.


Award Winner – 2015

Exceptional Service Award

No nominations were submitted for this award.


Award Winner – 2014

Exceptional Service AwardBud Hawkins Award Winner

Selected for the 2014 O.J. "Bud" Hawkins' Exceptional Award was Retired Coordinator Steve M. Ames, Golden West College, Criminal Justice Training Center and Retired Captain, Orange Police Department.  Steve Ames has made many contributions to further POST’s mission and goals throughout his distinguished 37-year career as a California peace officer, a law enforcement instructor, a POST subject matter expert, and as a Criminal Justice Training Center coordinator.  He has demonstrated commitment to excellence in law enforcement operations and training standards.  Steve has consistently shown his compassion for life-long commitments to community and ethical policing.  He has provided others with numerous examples of his caring, civic citizenship and virtue, fairness, justice, respect, responsibility and trustworthiness.  Through his creativity, dedication and perseverance, he has contributed significantly to the improvement of the law enforcement profession.  His legacy is the significant difference he has made in the development and leadership of hundreds of men and women in the law enforcement profession.  Through his years of services, as a peace officer and trainer, he went beyond the call of duty providing life-long exceptional service. Steve Ames was presented with this prestigious trophy in a ceremony held in Universal City, California on June 25, 2015.


Award Winner – 2013

Exceptional Service Award

No nominations were submitted for this award.


Award Winner – 2012

Exceptional Service AwardLou Madeira

Selected for the 2012 O.J. “Bud” Hawkins’ Exceptional Service Award is Lou Madeira, Special Consultant (Retired), Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST). Lou Madeira began his career in public service more than 40 years ago as a volunteer with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department. In 1972, Lou joined the CSU Hayward Police Department as a patrolman and served as a sergeant and lieutenant. In October 1976, he was appointed to the San Leandro Police Department as a police officer. He was promoted to sergeant in July 1981 and served as the agency’s Training Manager. Lou was also President of the California Association of Police Training Officers (CAPTO), north division, for many years. Lou brought his considerable talents to POST on June 30, 1987, when he was appointed as a Law Enforcement Consultant II in the Training Program Services Bureau. Lou is a well known advocate for increasing professionalism in public safety communications. As a Regional Consultant, Lou recognized the need for more public safety dispatcher-related training. In 2001, he set up a series of instructor development workshops for dispatchers, which resulted in 90 trained instructors and the development of 18 courses. The expanded course outlines for these courses were put on the POST Learning Portal and made available to be downloaded and adapted for local presentation. Lou retired from POST on August 31, 2006. However, he was appointed as a Retired Annuitant the following day and remained an active and contributing member of the POST team for the remainder of his life.   Lou was a gentleman and a consummate professional who truly cared about his work and brought energy, inspiration, and passion to everything he did. While we are saddened by Lou’s passing, his legacy will live on at POST and among the many law enforcement constituent groups he worked so tirelessly to assist. Accepting this award on behalf of Lou Madeira was his son, Peter Madeira who represented the "Madeira" family. 


Award Winner – 2011

Exceptional Service Award

Michael DiMiceli 2011 Winner Selected for the 2011 O.J. “Bud” Hawkins’ Exceptional Service Award was Michael C. DiMiceli. Michael began his law enforcement career in 1962. He was a patrolman with the Berkeley Police Department; an investigator with Alameda County District Attorney’s Office, and was appointed as Chief of Police to Vail Colorado Police Department. He was also the manager of “Governmental Consulting” for a major international firm. Mr. DiMiceli joined the POST family in 1981. During his tenure, he served as a Senior Consultant in the Training Program Services and Center for Leadership Development bureaus, and was then promoted to Bureau Chief for the Management Counseling Services Bureau. While at POST, Mr. DiMiceli had many noted accomplishments. He directed the development of the law enforcement Command College, the Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute, the Law Enforcement Agency Accreditation Program, and the Peace Officer Feasibility Study process. In 1997, Michael assumed the position of Assistant Executive Director to the Field Services Division, and served in this capacity until his retirement in 2011. With 50 years of dedicated service, Michael DiMiceli has left an indelible imprint on the law enforcement community. His work and commitment to improving the training services delivered to law enforcement will be appreciated for many years to come.


Award Winner – 2010

Exceptional Service Award

No nominations were submitted for this award.


Award Winner – 2009

Exceptional Service Award

James Fraser 2009 Winner Selected for the 2009 O.J. “Bud” Hawkins’ Exceptional Service Award was James H. Fraser, Fraser and Associates, Inc.  Jim started his career with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department before joining the US Army and serving in Vietnam.  Jim is internationally recognized as an expert in anti-terrorism.  Jim retired as a full colonel in 1993 during which time he has been working with POST on a number of projects.  Jim has worked diligently for nearly two decades to develop highly-skilled and competent law enforcement instructors through the design, development, and delivery of several POST instructor programs.  These programs include:  the Master Instructor Development Program (MIDP), the Instructor Development Institute (IDI), the Instructor Symposium, and the Institute of Criminal Investigation (ICI) Instructor’s Course.  Jim has also served on the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Terrorism Committee for eight years.
Jim has trained thousands of officers and public safety dispatchers, who serve as instructors in many of POST’s essential training programs.  These instructors serve as the backbone of effective law enforcement training.  Jim’s approach to training instructors pushes them to achievements beyond their own expectations and then pushes them even further.  He has the tremendous ability to effectively communicate his expectations in ways that reach officers and executives alike.  He brings out the best in people and he has been described as the “ultimate instructor.”  He has also trained seven previous winners of the Governor’s Award for Training Excellence and the POST Excellence in Training Awards.


Award Winner – 2008

Exceptional Service Award

Bill Kolender 2008 winner Selected for the 2008 O.J. “Bud” Hawkins’ Exceptional Service Award was William Kolender, Sheriff, San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. Sheriff Kolender has dedicated 50 years of his life to the law enforcement profession. He was appointed and served on the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training five times since 1976. He has been a leader, an inspiration, and a mentor to members of the law enforcement community, his own community, and with legislators related to training and other matters of critical importance to law enforcement. His collaborative approach to problem solving has left a legacy of successes in addressing difficult and complex issues throughout his career. Sheriff Kolender has been the recipient of many prestigious awards for his tireless work with groups and professional associations at the local, state, and national levels. He was the Chief of Police of the San Diego Police Department, Director of the California Youth Authority, and has been the Sheriff of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department since 1994. He has been a law enforcement advisor to several of California’s Governors. He is a former president of the California State Sheriffs’ Association, past president of the Major Cities Police Chiefs’ Association, and past president of the San Diego Police Officers’ Association and the California Council of Criminal Justice. Sheriff Kolender has been appointed by the Governor of California to the Mental Health Oversight and Accountability Commission and as a member of the San Diego Judicial Selection Advisory Committee. Sheriff Kolender was presented with this prestigious trophy in a ceremony held in Sacramento on April 23, 2009.


Award Winner – 2007

Exceptional Service Award

Kenneth O'Brien 2007 Winner Selected for the 2007 POST O.J. “Bud” Hawkins Exceptional Service Award was Kenneth J. O’Brien, former Executive Director of POST. The selection was made because he has dedicated his professional life to serving the people of California and public safety. During the 10 years that he was the Executive Director of POST, his leadership created an atmosphere of innovation and support for the POST Strategic Plan which was developed during his tenure as the Executive Director. Under his leadership, POST experienced many major accomplishments including increased funding, mandatory training for instructors in basic academies, mandatory field training for entry-level peace officers, incorporating leadership, ethics, and community policing throughout the basic training curricula, establishing the regional skills training center concept, and developing basic courses student workbooks. Mr. O’Brien dedicated over 50 years of his life to the law enforcement profession. Thirty-one years were served with the San Diego Police Department, and the remainder of the time was spent as the Director of Investigations for the State Bar of California, as the first Inspector General for the California Youth and Adult Corrections Agency, and, finally, as a consultant, bureau chief, and the Executive Director of POST.