Procedure D - Training Procedures
Commission Procedure D-15

Management Course Prerequisite Waiver Process for Attending the Executive Development Course

15-1. Purpose

This Commission procedure establishes the process for determining whether a chief executive has sufficient prior experience, training, education, and current executive responsibilities to authorize the Executive Director to issue a waiver of completion the POST‑certified Management Course prerequisite for attending an Executive Development Course. The requirement to either complete the Management Course or receive a waiver of attendance of a POST-certified Management Course, prior to attending a POST-certified Executive Development Course, is found in Commission Regulation 1005(e).

15-2. Evaluation

A waiver of attendance of a POST‑certified Management Course, for the purpose of meeting enrollment requirements for the Executive Development Course, shall be determined through an evaluation process.

15-3. Reserved

15-4. Eligibility

A chief executive who has completed training, education, and experience comparable to a POST Management Course may request an evaluation for purposes of qualifying for a waiver.

15-5. Request for Evaluation

A chief executive may request a POST evaluation to determine Management Course prerequisite waiver eligibility by submitting the following evaluation request package to the Executive Director of the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training:

A completed and signed Management Course Prerequisite Waiver Application (2-108) (pdf).


Documentation of previous training, education, and experience consistent with successful completion of the 13 major topics and related Management Course Instructional Goals, attachment B in the current Management Course curriculum as follows:

Copies of management training records with course outlines.

Letters from previous and current employers detailing duties and experience, including a written explanation from the applicant as necessary for clarification. Each letter must be submitted on the appropriate letterhead and signed by the department head, training manager, or personnel department where the applicant was employed (see the Sample Employment Verification Letter, attachment A).

Official transcripts for college and/or university courses.

Non-college management training supported by a certificate of completion or similar documentation that verifies successful course completion.

POST may require additional supporting documentation to complete the initial evaluation.

15-6. POST Evaluation Process

Upon receipt of completed waiver application package, POST staff will evaluate the chief executive’s prior training, education, and experience to verify training comparable to a POST-certified Management Course. The waiver application package and the staff recommendation will be forwarded to the Executive Director for a final determination of eligibility for a waiver of the Management Course prerequisite for attending an Executive Development Course. The chief executive will be notified of the results of the POST evaluation within 60 days from the date of the receipt of the evaluation request at POST.

15-7. Waiver Issuance/Non-Issuance

If the waiver is approved, the chief executive will receive a waiver of the Management Course prerequisite to attend a POST‑certified Executive Development Course.

The waiver is limited to waiving the prerequisite for completing the Management Course before attending the Executive Development Course.

The waiver does not exempt the recipient from meeting other POST requirements to attend the Management Course, i.e., eligibility for a Management Certificate, completion within 12 months of promotion to the rank of Lieutenant and above.

The waiver is NOT equivalent to the awarding of a POST Management Certificate, and does not constitute successful completion of the Management Course.

15-8. If the waiver is not approved, the chief executive may appeal in writing to the Commission within 90 days of the notice from unsuccessful completion.

Procedure D-15 was adopted and incorporated by reference into Commission Regulation 1005 on January 20, 2006.

Management Course Instructional Goals were adopted and incorporated by reference into Commission Procedure D-15 on January 20, 2006.


Attachment A: Sample Employment Verification Letter

Attachment B: Management Course Instructional Goals 1/2006