Procedure D - Training Procedures
Commission Procedure D-4

Management Course


4-1. Specifications for Management Courses

This Commission procedure implements that portion of the Minimum Standards for Training established in Commission Regulation 1005(c) for Management Training.


4-2. Management Course

The Management Course is a minimum of 104 hours and consists of the learning goals adopted by the Commission. In order to meet local needs, flexibility in curriculum may be authorized with prior POST approval.

The POST Management Course Learning Goals are organized under the following broad topic areas:

  • Management Roles and Responsibility
  • Personnel Management Skills
  • Leadership Styles and Decision Making
  • Organization and Manager Development
  • Legal Responsibilities

Specific major topics under the broad topic areas include:

  • Role of the Lieutenant
  • Leadership
  • Community Oriented Policing/Problem Oriented Policing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Fiscal Management
  • Personnel Issues
  • Legal Issues
  • Critical Incident Management
  • Values/Ethics
  • Risk Management
  • Media
  • Personal/Professional Growth
  • Project Presentation

Procedure D-4 was adopted and incorporated by reference into Commission Regulation 1005 on April 15, 1982, and amended November 2, 2000, and January 20, 2006.