Procedure D - Training Procedures
Commission Procedure D-6

Technical Course


6-1. Specifications for Technical Courses

This Commission procedure implements that portion of the Minimum Standards for Training established in Commission Regulation 1005(f) for Technical Training.

Content and Minimum Hours

6-2. Technical Courses Subjects and Minimum Hours

Technical Courses may vary in length and subject matter and are designed to satisfy local needs in specialized subjects or where additional expertise is required. Subjects may include, but are not limited to, evidence gathering and processing, narcotics, law enforcement procedures, data processing and information systems, riot control, jail operations, criminal investigation, crime prevention, community relations, and others. The length of these courses for which reimbursement may be granted shall be determined by the Commission. No course presentation shall be certified for less than two hours except when the certified presentation is legislatively mandated training and fewer than two hours are required or teleconference training is presented by satellite or other means.

6-3. Job Specific Training

Job specific training courses are technical courses and are defined as courses of instruction which teach the basic skills required to perform peace officer or non‑peace officer jobs in law enforcement agencies. Training courses excluded by this definition are advanced technical courses and those courses which teach only a single skill or technique, unless it involves the entire job of an individual.

6-4. POST Prescribed Curricula

For selected technical courses, POST specifies the course curricula. Certified presenters of such courses shall use the course curriculum specified by POST. In order to meet local needs, flexibility in curriculum may be authorized with prior POST approval at least 30 days in advance of course presentation. Copies of the POST specified curricula for individual courses are available upon request from POST.