Procedure D - Training Procedures
Commission Procedure D-8



8-1. Specifications for Seminars

This Commission procedure implements that portion of the Minimum Standards for Training established in Commission Regulation 1005(h) for Seminars.

Seminar Design and Minimum Hours

8-2. Seminar Design and Minimum Hours

Seminars are designed to disseminate information or study and solve current and future problems encountered by law enforcement. Seminars are generally sponsored, and participants invited to attend, by POST. There may be restrictions on rank or assignments of attendees. Seminars are presented in variable formats and hours, and at locations as the need may dictate. Problem‑solving techniques shall take into consideration the size, location, and needs of the various cities and counties.

Commission Endorsement

8-3. Commission Endorsement

The Commission does not endorse or co‑sponsor any institute, meeting, seminar, or other program, nor will permission be granted for use of the Commission’s name unless the Commission takes part in the seminar’s planning and approves of its subject matter and the caliber of speakers.