Procedure D - Training Procedures
Commission Procedure D-9

Field Management Training


9-1. Field Management Training

This Commission procedure implements that portion of the minimum standards for training established in Commission Regulation 1005(e) for Field Management Training. Field Management Training is a training technique designed to assist in the development and implementation of procedural and operational changes, or in the solution of specific problems within law enforcement agencies which cannot be addressed by other available training programs. The Commission provides for financial assistance to participating agencies to send their personnel to other law enforcement agencies or places in California having outstanding programs in order to observe or to participate in on‑the‑job training.


9-2. Who May Participate

Particular attention is to be given, in approval of Field Management Training requests, to management rather than operational aspects of the functions to be addressed by training. Normally, training is limited to those persons with management responsibilities. In special circumstances, however, and on an individual basis, POST may approve Field Management Training in operational subjects for management or operational personnel.

9-3. Request for Participation

In order to participate in Field Management Training, the agency head must submit to POST a Field Management Training - Application (2‑268) (doc), and a Training Reimbursement Request (2-273) (see POST Procedure E‑5).


9-4. Approval of Training Applications

If training courses are available, they must be used rather than Field Management Training. Field Management Training trips to be reimbursed by POST must not be initiated by the requesting agency until approved by POST. A letter expressing approval or disapproval will be sent by POST to the requesting agency.

Training Schedule

9-5. Schedule of Field Management Training

Arrangements for visits to the agencies concerned may be scheduled by POST, the requesting agency, or by mutual arrangement. The itinerary for the training exercise must be approved by the Chief, Management Counseling and Projects.

9-6. Training Limits

Field Management Training is limited to a maximum of five days for any one training experience. Exceptions may be granted for longer periods of time if deemed appropriate by POST.

Field Management Implementation Training

9-7. Additional Training

Subsequent to a field management training visit, when additional training is necessary for the implementation of the examined project, and it is not cost effective to send additional personnel for this training to the agency that was visited, the Commission may provide financial assistance to facilitate the travel of training personnel (from the agency that was visited) to the agency implementing the new project.


9-8. Evaluation Report of Training Required

Before reimbursement requests will be processed, the requesting agency must submit an Evaluation Report to POST using Field Management Training Evaluation Report (2‑257) (pdf). The content of the report must describe the degree of accomplishment of the objectives of the trip. In addition, the report must specifically evaluate the effectiveness of the Field Management Training in contributing to the solution of the problem or addressing the matter being studied.