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july 2016



The Commission on POST announces the appointment of its new Executive Director Manny Alvarez, effective September 6, 2016.

Manny has served with the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) for the past 26 years.  As the Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Sacramento Field Office, Manny directed 125+ special agents, professional staff, contractors and task force officers responsible for FBI operations in northern California.  He managed the Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team responsible for combating the escalating problem of high technology crime in the Silicon Valley, which consisted of 27 local, state, and federal law enforcement officers from multiple agencies.

In the area of Security and Risk Management, he reviewed and coordinated undercover proposals, coordinated cyber investigations for the San Francisco Division covering hacktivist, criminal cyber-crime, and state-actor intrusions.  He managed the internal security program for the Sacramento Division including all physical and personnel security, internal investigations and background investigations.  He responded to cyber security and fraud matters for private sector companies, served as the Compliance Officer for the Sacramento Division of the FBI, and chaired the Compliance Council.

In Administrative Management, he has overseen and managed all the administrative functions for the Sacramento Division, including human resources, facilities, property and procurement, telecommunications, information technology, security, and internal employee investigations.

Questions about Executive Director Manny Alvarez may be directed to Interim Executive Director Stephanie Scofield, Executive Office, at (916) 227-2807.


The POST Learning Portal reached a significant milestone in July when it awarded its one millionth hour of Continuing Professional Training (CPT) credit.  Launched in December 2005, the Learning Portal has become an increasingly popular source for agencies to meet training mandates and to fulfill the requirement of 24 hours of CPT training every two years.  

Mark Lauderdale of the Los Angeles Police Department was the “millionth hour student” when he completed the self-paced training course, Domestic Violence Response.  “It’s a good way to get my 24.” he said, when notified that he was the person who completed the one millionth hour.

Officers and dispatchers can currently access 18 self-paced courses and hundreds of different resources on the Portal, including the Search Warrant Writing Tool, the short-form video series called “Did You Know?,” the video program Legal Update, Homeland Security videos, and various high-profile reports.  

Questions about the Learning Portal may be directed to Supervisor Jan Myyra, Learning Technology Resources Bureau, at (916) 227-4550.


During July, representatives from the POST Training Program Services Bureau, the California Department of Justice (DOJ), and the Stockton Police Department met to discuss the nuances of DOJ and POST-certified 16-hour course entitled, “Principled Policing: Train-the-Trainer.”  This course provides the skills and insight for those desiring to present the 8-hour course on “Principled Policing-Procedural Justice and Implicit Bias Training.”

Attendees of the meeting collaboratively analyzed and aligned the “Train-the-Trainer” course cognitive scaffolding, content design, module sequencing, and learning outcomes.

On August 25-26, select invitees will participate in a pilot of the "Train-the-Trainer” course.  The pilot will emphasis the art and practice of instructional facilitation, relevant to the four components of “Procedural Justice.”  These consist of:  Voice, Decision Neutrality, Respect and Dignity, and Trust.  The training will also address how “Implicit Bias” might impede the benefits of procedural justice, particularly in communities having low trust when interacting with law enforcement.

On September 21-22, 2016, the “Principled Policing: Train-the-Trainer” course will be presented at POST Headquarters located at:  860 Stillwater Road, Suite 100, West Sacramento, California 95605.

This course is reimbursable under POST Plan IV with no tuition charge.  Due to limited seating and anticipated high demand early registration is recommended.  Questions regarding registration should be directed to Celia Chen at (415) 703-4460.

Questions about the “Principled Policing: Train-the-Trainer" course may be directed to Senior Consultant Charles Evans, Training Program Services Bureau, at (916) 227-3902.


In July, POST convened 17 subject matters experts to update the Civilian Supervisor Course and the Dispatch Supervisor Course.  A decision was made to allow flexibility in presenting the Civilian Supervisor Course in either an intensive format or a modular format.  It was determined the Dispatch Supervisor Course is best presented in an intensive format.  Reviews and updates are expected to be completed by the end of the calendar year.  

Questions about the Civilian Supervisor Course or the Dispatch Supervisor Course updates may be directed to Training Officer Rosanna McKinney, Training Program Services Bureau, at (916) 227-3897.


Several dispatcher training courses will be delivered around the state this year by Alameda County Regional Training Center.  The courses include a 40-hour Public Safety Dispatcher Academy Instructor Certification Course, a 24-hour Tactical Dispatch Course, a 16-hour Public Safety Communications Terrorism Awareness Instructor Course (meets the 1070 regulation), and an 8-hour Public Safety Dispatcher Trauma Exposure and Management Course.   

Courses will be offered in northern, central, and southern California.  

Questions about attending or hosting the dispatcher training courses, may be directed to Training Officer Rosanna McKinney, Training Program Services Bureau, at (916) 227-3897.


Brian ClarkBrian Clark
Administrative Services Bureau

POST is pleased to welcome Associate Governmental Program Analyst Brian Clark to the Administrative Services Bureau.  Brian joined POST in July 2016 as the Regulations Analyst.  In this position, Brian will assist program staff with the rulemaking process and will file rulemaking packages with Office of Administrative Law.

Prior to joining POST, Brian was a program analyst with the California Debt Limit Allocation Committee and also worked as an attorney in the private and public sectors.  Brian earned a Juris Doctorate degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and a Master of Sciences and Bachelor of Arts degrees from Canisius College.

Steve EberlySteven Eberly
Learning Technology Resources Bureau

POST is pleased to welcome Associate Information Systems Analyst Steven Eberly to the Learning Technology Resources Bureau.  Steven joined POST in July 2016 and is assigned to the Instructional Technologies Unit.  Steven will work with POST program and technical staff to support the administration of the Learning Portal by assisting in the development of Portal enhancements, functionality, and delivery of competency-based interactive courseware and related software projects.

Prior to joining POST, Steven worked as a student assistant at Franchise Tax Board, and at Xerox State Healthcare, LLC as a Web Content/Sr. Publication Specialist.  Steven holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication (Digital Media) from Sacramento State University.  His interests include family, fishing, camping and pretty much anything outdoors.


The following are bills in Legislative Session 2015-16.  Each bill would have an impact on POST operations, or be of significant interest to law enforcement partners.

Bill # and Author Title and Summary Status of Bill

AB 1664

Assembly Members
Levine, Ting, & Chiu

Firearms: assault weapons

This bill would amend Penal Code Sections 30515 and 30900, and add section 30680, in essence, to define “detachable magazine” and expand the definition of assault weapons.

Introduced Date: 1/14/16

6/22/16 - Read 2nd time and amended, order to 3rd reading in Senate

AB 1680

Assembly Member Rodriguez

Crimes: emergency personnel

This bill would amend Section 402 of the Penal Code, to prohibit the operation or use of a drone or unmanned aerial vehicle at the scene of an emergency by non-emergency personnel.

Introduced Date: 1/19/16

6/22/16 – Passed and re-referred to Committee on Appropriations

AB 1731

Assembly Member Atkins

Human Trafficking: Statewide Interagency Human Trafficking Task Force

This bill would add Section 236.13 to the Penal Code, creating the Statewide Interagency Human Trafficking Task Force.  The Task Force would gather statewide data on sex and labor trafficking, sex buys, and human trafficking, and would recommend interagency protocols and best practices for training and outreach to law enforcement.

Introduced Date: 1/28/16

8/1/16 – Committee on Appropriations, in suspense file


AB 1820

Assembly Member Quirk

Unmanned aircraft systems

This bill would add Penal Code Section 14350 and generally prohibit a law enforcement agency from using an unmanned aircraft system, obtain from another agency, loan, or arrange to use information obtained from an unmanned aircraft system with several exceptions.  This bill would also require the destruction of data within one year, except as specified.

Introduced Date: 2/8/16

6/28/16 – In committee: Set for 1st hearing, failed passage, reconsideration granted

AB 1869

Assembly Member Melendez & Gray

Theft: firearms

This bill would amend Penal Code Sections 490.2 and 496, and amend Prop 47 by making the buying/receiving stolen firearms a misdemeanor or felony.

Introduced Date: 2/10/16

6/27/16 – In committee: Referred to Committee on Appropriations; suspense file

AB 1940

Assembly Member Cooper

Peace officers: body-worn cameras: policies and procedures

This bill would state the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation to establish policies and procedures to address issues related to peace officers’ use of body-worn cameras.

Introduced Date: 2/12/16

6/28/16 – In Senate Public Safety Committee, set for 1st hearing, failed passage

AB 1957

Assembly Member

Public records: body-worn cameras

This bill would add Penal Code Section 6254.31 to the Government Code relating to public records and authorize the governing board of a law enforcement agency, in closed session, to review footage from a body-worn camera when an officer is involved in an incident that resulted in great bodily injury or death. It would also require the release of footage from a body-worn camera 60 days after the commencement of an investigation into a misconduct allegation based on use of force resulting in great bodily injury or death.

Introduced Date: 2/12/16

6/13/16 – Stricken from file


AB 2327

Assembly Member

Contacting or communicating with a minor

This bill would make it a crime to contact or communicate with a minor, or attempt to contact or communicate with a minor, as specified, with the intent to commit human trafficking of, or unlawful sexual intercourse with the minor.

Introduction Date: 2/18/16

8/1/16 – Committee on Appropriations, to suspense file

AB 2361

Assembly Member

Peace officers: independent institutions of higher education: security officers

This bill would allow a person regularly employed as a security guard for an independent institution of higher education to be deputized or appointed as a reserve peace officer or officer by a sheriff or chief of police if he or she has completed the basic training course for deputy sheriffs and police officers prescribed by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training, and the institution of higher education and the appropriate local law enforcement agency have entered into a memorandum of understanding.  The bill would make the authority of a person designated as a peace officer pursuant to these provisions applicable only while he or she is engaged in the performance of his or her assigned duties.

Introduced Date: 2/18/16

6/27/16 – Read 2nd time, order to 3rd reading

AB 2611

Assembly Member Low

The California Public Records Act: visual or audio recording of peace officer’s death: conditional exemption from disclosure

This bill would amend Penal Code Section 6254 of the Government Code to expand the exemption of disclosure to include investigatory or security audio or video recordings. The bill would exempt from disclosure any audio or video recording depicting the death or serious bodily injury of a peace officer.

Introduced Date: 2/19/16

8/2/16 – Read 2nd time, ordered to 3rd reading


AB 2724

Assembly Member Gatto


Unmanned aircraft

This bill would state the intent of the Legislature is to enact legislation that would provide immunity for first responders who damage or destroy drones that interfere with emergency operations.


Introduced Date: 2/19/16

8/3/16 – Re-referred to Committee on Appropriations

SB 823

Senator Block

Criminal procedure: human trafficking

This bill would amend Penal Code Section 1203.49, to create a presumption that if a defendant were committing ANY offense while he/she were a victim of human trafficking, the defendant is entitled to a presumption the requirements of relief have been met; (among other considerations) the guilty verdict will be set aside.

Introduced Date: 1/6/16

6/27/16 – Read 2nd time and amended, re-referred to Committee on Appropriations

SB 870

Senator Roth

Domestic violence

This bill would make non-substantive edits to Penal Code Section 273.5, relating to domestic violence.

Introduced Date: 1/12/16

6/21/16 –Set for 2nd hearing, canceled at the request of author

SB 894

Senator Jackson

Firearms: lost or stolen: reports

This bill would require every person who owns a firearm to report the theft or loss to local law enforcement within five-days.

Introduced Date: 1/21/16

7/1/16 – In Senate, Consideration of Governor's veto pending

SB 1200

Senator Jackson

Animal cruelty: criminal statistics

This bill would require the course of basic training for corrections and probation officers on domestic violence to include adequate instruction on the seriousness of animal cruelty and its link to violence against humans. (Numerous amendments removing peace officers, adding probation officers.)

Introduced Date: 2/18/16

8/4/16 – Read 2nd time, ordered to Consent Calendar

SB 1221

Senator Hertzberg

Firefighters: interaction with persons with mental disabilities

This bill would authorize POST to make the mental health training currently available to peace officers available to firefighters and fire departments.

Introduced Date: 2/18/16

8/4/16 – Read 2nd time, ordered to Consent Calendar

SB 1289

Senator Lara

Law enforcement: immigration

This bill would prohibit the board of supervisors or sheriff of a county or a legislative body or chief of police of a city or a city and county from entering into or renewing a contract to detain immigrants for profit, on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security, with a private corporation, contractor, or vendor.

Introduced Date: 2/19/16

8/3/16 – Committee on Appropriations, sent to suspense file

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