Learning Portal Training that Meets Mandates

Training that meets some mandates is available on the POST Learning Portal.

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List of Learning Portal training course that meet mandates
Training Mandate Authorities: POST & Penal Code Resource Title Self-Paced Video CPT Hours 

Continuing Professional Training (CPT)

24 hours required

To be completed every two years.

POST Regulation 1005(d)(1)

Self-Paced Training Courses* yes no Varies
Training Videos* no yes 2

Communication Skills

  • Strategic Communication
  • Perishable Skills Program (PSP)

2 hours required

To be completed every two years.

POST Regulation 1005(d)(4)(B)

PSP: Strategic Communications yes no 4

Domestic Violence Complaints

2 hours required

To be completed every two years by in service patrol officers below the rank of supervisor who normally respond to domestic violence calls or incidents.

Penal Code 13519

POST Regulation 1081

Domestic Violence Response Update yes no 2

Elder/Dependent Adult Abuse

2 hours required

Within 18 months of assignment to field or investigative duties; peace officer at a supervisory level and below

Penal Code 13515

POST Regulation 1081

Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse no yes 2

First Aid/CPR/AED Refresher Training

8 hours required

To be completed every two years.

Penal Code 13518

First Aid/CPR/AED Retraining

yes no 8

Hearsay Testimony (Proposition 115)

Peace officers with less than 5 years of experience or who completed a Basic Course prior to July 1, 2007 .More info.

Penal Code 872

Hearsay Testimony no yes 2

High Speed Vehicle Pursuit Training

1 hour required

To be completed annually.

Penal Code 13519.8

POST Regulation 1081

This course is currently in development.

Check the Portal Status page regularly for updates.

yes no 2

Human Trafficking

2 hours required

PC 13519.14

POST Regulation 1081

Human Trafficking no yes 2

Racial and Identity Profiling Update

2 hours required

To be completed every five years.

PC 13519.4 (i)

POST Regulation 1081

POST Regulation 1070

Beyond Bias: Racial & Identity Profiling Update 

NOTE: This is a self-paced course and does not require an instructor/facilitator.

yes no 4
Bias and Racial Profiling

NOTE: Instructors/facilitators for Bias and Racial Profiling must be certified racial profiling instructors and must have completed a POST Racial Profiling Instructor Course (POST Regulation 1070)

no yes 2


8 hours required

Peace officers and first responders to terrorism incidents at a lieutenant level and below

PC 13519.12

POST Regulation 1081

Law Enforcement Response to Terrorism (LERT) yes no 8

* All self-paced training courses on the Learning Portal when marked for CPT; most long-form training videos when facilitated and marked for CPT.