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september 2016



As mentioned in the June 2016 POST Monthly Report, the Commission approved the Standards, Evaluation, and Research Bureau’s (SERB) recommendation to change the method of testing in the basic courses.  In preparation for the February 2017 implementation date, SERB testing staff asked for volunteer presenters of the basic courses to pilot test the new test formats.  Pilot testing began August 8th and have been administered at the following academies:

  • California Highway Patrol
  • College of the Redwoods
  • Golden West College
  • Palomar
  • San Bernardino Valley College
  • San Francisco Police Academy
  • Santa Rosa Training Center
  • Southwestern College
  • San Bernardino County Sheriff Academy
  • Napa Valley College

Upcoming test administrations are scheduled at Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Academy, Oakland Police Academy, San Jose Police Academy, State Training Center (Fresno), California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, and Kern County Sheriff’s Academy.

Students are responding favorably to survey questions regarding their test experience and their thoughts on the test format are enlightening.

POST Test staff met with the Test Panel to review the results to date, made necessary changes to the test formats, and presented the pilot test status to the Consortium at the meeting in September.

Basic Course pilot testing will continue through January 2017 and the results will be presented to the Consortium in January 2017.

Questions regarding the testing for the basic courses may be directed to Personnel Selection Consultant II Diane Hrepich, Standards, Evaluation, and Research Bureau, at (916) 227-4831.


Bob ZiglarDuring September 2016, Bureau Chief Bob Ziglar, Training Officer Rosanna McKinney, and Senior Information System Analyst Rayanne Rogers made a brief presentation about current training projects at the opening ceremonies of the California CLETS Users Group (CCUG) Conference in Sacramento. 

Rosanna and Rayanne also staffed a table in the vendor area and were able to answer a number of individual questions and gather positive feedback about the recent “How Do You Copy” online training course.  Dispatcher training course flyers were available for attendees and they also had an opportunity to sign up to assist with future training projects. 

Questions regarding the “How Do You Copy” online training course may be directed to Training Officer Rosanna McKinney, Training Program Services Bureau, at (916) 227-3897; or Senior Information System Analyst Rayanne Rogers, Learning Technology Resources Bureau, at (916) 227-3912.




Bosnia ExecutivesBosnia ExecutivesBosnia ExecutivesBosnia ExecutivesOn September 22 and 29, 2016, staff from the Basic Training Bureau met with two groups of law enforcement professionals from Bosnia.  The tours and presentations were a coordinated effort between POST and the International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP).  The mission was to inform each group of the Field Training Officer (FTO) program.  Both groups were touring various California sites, including a police academy, and other law enforcement related services.

Each group was supported by two foreign nationals who assisted with translation.  The groups consisted of 12 and 13 law enforcement executives from Bosnian Police Departments, who represented local and federal level operations.

POST staff provided a guided tour of the facility, describing the functions of each Bureau.  Senior Consultant Phil Caporale and Senior Consultant Ralph Brown presented an overview of POST, the Regular Basic Course (RBC), and the FTO program from selection to implementation. POST staff took questions from each group.
The Bosnian delegations were very complimentary of the presentation and knowledge gained from their experience.

Questions regarding the Bosnian tour may be directed to Senior Consultant Ralph Brown, Executive Office, at (916) 227-2804.



POST is pleased to announce the release of the “Motors Safety – Did You Know?” video that is now available to view or download at the POST Website or on the POST Learning Portal.

The video applies the simple acronym of “W.I.N.?” (What’s Important Now?) to safe motorcycle operation and encourages paying attention, stresses importance of continuous training, and reminds motor officers that every decision they make has consequences. 

The program was produced in partnership with POST’s SAFE Driving Campaign and is among several law enforcement driving awareness "Did You Know?" videos now available online, including videos for safe speed, seatbelts, driving habits, distracted driving, and fatigue.

Questions regarding the 'Motors Safety' video or the “Did You Know?” Video Program may be directed to Senior Consultant Larry Ellsworth, Learning Technology Resources Bureau, at (916) 227-4895.



Dave AlthausenStaff Services Manager I Dave Althausen
Basic Training Bureau

POST is pleased to welcome Dave Althausen as a Staff Services Manager I for the Basic Training Bureau.  His assignments include the supervision of five analysts and the bureau secretary, providing analytical and consultative services related to the delivery of basic courses, and providing consultative and technical expertise to POST staff including basic course presenter staff.

Dave began his government career with the California Legislature in 2001.  His experience includes successfully navigating public safety and veteran’s affairs legislation from drafting to the Governor’s desk, and as a Public Information Officer.  He attained the position of Capitol Director before leaving the Assembly to pursue higher education.  Additionally, he has taught Administration of Justice courses in the California State University system, and Political Science in the California Community College system as an Adjunct Faculty Instructor.

Dave holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Government from the California State University, Sacramento and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from National University, Sacramento.  He comes from a law enforcement and military family, is a graduate of the POST Regular Basic Course, and a proud veteran of the US Army.  He trained with the West German Army (Bundeswehr), and West German State Police (Landespolizei) pistol and rifle marksmanship teams.

Questions regarding the Basic Course may be directed to Staff Services Manager Dave Althausen, Basic Training Bureau, at (916) 227-4260.

Jim GrottkauSenior Consultant Jim Grottkau
Basic Training Bureau

POST is pleased to welcome Jim Grottkau as a Senior Consultant for the Basic Training Bureau.  His assignments include managing the Field Training / Police Training Programs, Public Safety Dispatchers’ Basic Course, Aviation Security Course, District Attorney Investigation and Trial Preparation Course, and Campus Law Enforcement Course.

Jim began his law enforcement career with the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office, and served a majority of his 27 year career with the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office, where he rose to the rank of Captain.  He had many notable assignments, which included commanding the Sheriff’s Technical Services Division, West County Detention Division, and the Sheriff’s Training Division, which included overseeing the regional law enforcement training center and basic academy operations,

Jim holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from California State University Sacramento.  He is a graduate of the POST Executive Development Course, Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute, and the FBI National Academy - Class #254.

Questions regarding the Field Training / Police Training Programs, Public Safety Dispatcher Basic Course, Aviation Security Course, District Attorney Investigation and Trial Preparation Course, and Campus Law Enforcement Course may be directed to Senior Consultant Jim Grottkau, Basic Training Bureau, at (916) 227-3935.


Julie McGregorStaff Services Analyst - Development Team Julie McGregor
Computer Services Bureau

Julie McGregor joined POST’s Computer Services Bureau (CSB) in September 2016, and is assigned to the Web, Design, and Documentation Unit.  Julie will work with POST staff to create and maintain critical compliance policies, including the Operational Recovery Plan, Information Management Strategy, Risk Assessment, and information security training. 

Prior to joining POST, Julie worked with Hewlett-Packard as a business analyst.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Golden Gate University.  Her interests include cooking, sports, and playing with her three dogs.

Questions may be directed to CSB Chief Colin O'Keefe at (916) 227-4804.

Ken BoydPersonnel Selection Consultant II Ken Boyd
Standards, Evaluation, and Research Bureau

Before beginning his career with the State, Ken Boyd was an assistant professor of psychology for eight years at the post-secondary level and two years at the University of Oklahoma, and six years at Framingham State College in Massachusetts.  He taught classes in research methods and statistics among other topics in psychology.  In 2006, Ken began working at the Contractors State License Board in the Department of Consumer Affairs as a test development specialist.  He was responsible for the maintenance and updating of licensure and certification exams for 9-11 contractor classifications.  This required frequent meetings with groups of contractor (subject matter experts) to review and write test items.  Ken will be working on selection test development for the Public Safety Dispatchers job classification.

Ken holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Social Psychology from the University of California, Davis.

Questions regarding the selection test development for Public Safety Dispatchers may be directed to Personnel Selection Consultant II Ken Boyd, Standards, Evaluation, and Research Bureau, at (916) 227-2810.



The following are bills in Legislative Session 2016-17.  Each bill would have an impact on POST operations, or be of significant interest to law enforcement partners.

Questions about legislative issues may be directed to Legislative Consultant Ralph Brown, Executive Office, at (916) 227-2804.

Bill # and Author Title and Summary Status of Bill

AB 1664

Assembly Members
Levine, Ting, & Chiu

Firearms: assault weapons

This bill would amend Penal Code Sections 30515 and 30900, and add section 30680, in essence, to define “detachable magazine” and expand the definition of assault weapons.

Introduced Date: 1/14/16

8/30/16 - Order to inactive file pursuant to Senate Rule 29

AB 1680

Assembly Member Rodriguez

Crimes: emergency personnel

This bill would amend Section 402 of the Penal Code, to prohibit the operation or use of a drone or unmanned aerial vehicle at the scene of an emergency by non-emergency personnel.

Introduced Date: 1/19/16

9/29/16 – Chaptered by Secretary of State, Chapter 817

AB 1731

Assembly Member Atkins


Human Trafficking: Statewide Interagency Human Trafficking Task Force

This bill would add Section 236.13 to the Penal Code, creating the Statewide Interagency Human Trafficking Task Force.  The Task Force would gather statewide data on sex and labor trafficking, sex buys, and human trafficking, and would recommend interagency protocols and best practices for training and outreach to law enforcement.

Introduced Date: 1/28/16

8/11/16 – In Committee, held under submission


AB 1820

Assembly Member Quirk


Unmanned aircraft systems

This bill would add Penal Code Section 14350 and generally prohibit a law enforcement agency from using an unmanned aircraft system, obtain from another agency, loan, or arrange to use information obtained from an unmanned aircraft system with several exceptions.  This bill would also require the destruction of data within one year, except as specified.

Introduced Date: 2/8/16

6/28/16 – In committee: Set for 1st hearing, failed passage, reconsideration granted

AB 1869

Assembly Member Melendez & Gray

Theft: firearms

This bill would amend Penal Code Sections 490.2 and 496, and amend Prop 47 by making the buying/receiving stolen firearms a misdemeanor or felony.

Introduced Date: 2/10/16

8/11/16 – In Committee, held under submission

AB 1940

Assembly Member Cooper


Peace officers: body-worn cameras: policies and procedures

This bill would state the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation to establish policies and procedures to address issues related to peace officers’ use of body-worn cameras.

Introduced Date: 2/12/16

6/28/16 – In Senate Public Safety Committee, set for 1st hearing, failed passage


AB 1957

Assembly Member

Public records: body-worn cameras

This bill would add Penal Code Section 6254.31 to the Government Code relating to public records and authorize the governing board of a law enforcement agency, in closed session, to review footage from a body-worn camera when an officer is involved in an incident that resulted in great bodily injury or death. It would also require the release of footage from a body-worn camera 60 days after the commencement of an investigation into a misconduct allegation based on use of force resulting in great bodily injury or death.

Introduced Date: 2/12/16

6/13/16 – Stricken from file


AB 2327

Assembly Member

Contacting or communicating with a minor

This bill would make it a crime to contact or communicate with a minor, or attempt to contact or communicate with a minor, as specified, with the intent to commit human trafficking of, or unlawful sexual intercourse with the minor.

Introduction Date: 2/18/16

8/11/16 – In Committee, held under submission


AB 2361

Assembly Member

Peace officers: independent institutions of higher education: security officers

This bill would allow a person regularly employed as a security guard for an independent institution of higher education to be deputized or appointed as a reserve peace officer or officer by a sheriff or chief of police if he or she has completed the basic training course for deputy sheriffs and police officers prescribed by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training, and the institution of higher education and the appropriate local law enforcement agency have entered into a memorandum of understanding.  The bill would make the authority of a person designated as a peace officer pursuant to these provisions applicable only while he or she is engaged in the performance of his or her assigned duties.

Introduced Date: 2/18/16

9/14/16 – Chaptered by Secretary of State, Chapter 356

AB 2611

Assembly Member Low

The California Public Records Act: visual or audio recording of peace officer’s death: conditional exemption from disclosure

This bill would amend Penal Code Section 6254 of the Government Code to expand the exemption of disclosure to include investigatory or security audio or video recordings. The bill would exempt from disclosure any audio or video recording depicting the death or serious bodily injury of a peace officer.

Introduced Date: 2/19/16

8/23/16 – Hearing canceled at author’s request

AB 2724

Assembly Member Gatto

Unmanned aircraft

This bill would state the intent of the Legislature is to enact legislation that would provide immunity for first responders who damage or destroy drones that interfere with emergency operations.

Introduced Date: 2/19/16

8/31/16 – Enrolled, on Governor’s desk

SB 823
Senator Block

Criminal procedure: human trafficking

This bill would amend Penal Code Section 1203.49, to create a presumption that if a defendant were committing ANY offense while he/she were a victim of human trafficking, the defendant is entitled to a presumption the requirements of relief have been met; (among other considerations) the guilty verdict will be set aside.

Introduced Date: 1/6/16

9/26/16 -  Chaptered by Secretary of State, Chapter 650

SB 870

Senator Roth

Domestic violence

This bill would make non-substantive edits to Penal Code Section 273.5, relating to domestic violence.

Introduced Date: 1/12/16

6/21/16 –Set for 2nd hearing, canceled at the request of author

SB 894

Senator Jackson

Firearms: lost or stolen: reports

This bill would require every person who owns a firearm to report the theft or loss to local law enforcement within five-days.

Introduced Date: 1/21/16

7/1/16 – In Senate, Consideration of Governor's veto pending

SB 1200

Senator Jackson

Animal cruelty: criminal statistics

This bill would require the course of basic training for corrections and probation officers on domestic violence to include adequate instruction on the seriousness of animal cruelty and its link to violence against humans. (Numerous amendments removing peace officers, adding probation officers.)

Introduced Date: 2/18/16

8/29/16 – Chaptered by Secretary of State; Chapter 237

SB 1221

Senator Hertzberg

Firefighters: interaction with persons with mental disabilities

This bill would authorize POST to make the mental health training currently available to peace officers available to firefighters and fire departments.

Introduced Date: 2/18/16

9/14/16 – Chaptered by Secretary of State, Chapter 367

SB 1289

Senator Lara

Law enforcement: immigration

This bill would prohibit the board of supervisors or sheriff of a county or a legislative body or chief of police of a city or a city and county from entering into or renewing a contract to detain immigrants for profit, on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security, with a private corporation, contractor, or vendor.

Introduced Date: 2/19/16

9/2/16 – Enrolled, on Governor’s desk

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