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Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Training Courses

Several courses have been made available through Government Training Agency and are offered at no cost to agencies on an on-going basis.

VAWA funds were also used to create POST-produced multi-media courses that may be completed as in-house training.

Agencies can host any or all of these courses at their department or in their jurisdiction, which eliminates trainee travel costs. The instruction team is of the highest caliber and the curriculum is the most current for dynamics and legal issues on these topics.

Available Courses

Domestic Violence for First Responders 8 hours
Domestic Violence for Public Safety Dispatchers 8 hours
Domestic Violence for Criminal Investigators (ICI) 40 hours
Domestic Violence Response Team 8 hours
Crisis Negotiations for Domestic Violence Incidents 24 hours
Officer Involved Domestic Violence Investigations 16 hours
Domestic Violence for Field Training Officers 24 hours
Developing the Expert Witness for Domestic Violence Cases 16 hours
Sexual Assault for First Responders 8 hours
Sexual Assault for Public Safety Dispatchers 8 hours
Sexual Assault for First Responders in a Campus Community 16 hours
Sexual Assault Response Team 8 hours
  • Contact the Government Training Agency at (858) 550-0040 to obtain information on hosting any of these courses or register online. For any additional questions on these courses, contact the Training Program Services Bureau at (916) 227-4885.

Also available to agencies for CPT credit are Telecourse Training videos from POST.