Chapter 3 - Forms for Testing and Documentation Exercises


This chapter contains a link to a clean copy of each form produced by POST for this training package. All of these forms are designed for you, the instructor, to reproduce and use as you see fit.

If additional copies are needed or an original form needs to be replaced, please return here and download another copy. If you encounter difficulties, please contact the Basic Training Bureau at POST, (916) 227-4252.

Finding Forms

The forms either do not have a page number or are page numbered based on their purpose. For example, the student form for the first scene in Set D has the page number of "D-1". Whereas, the blank DOR pages (full form, including documentation pages) do not have page numbers.

Order of Forms

The forms in this chapter of the Instructor Manual are available in the following order in the downloadable file:

  1. Blank 7-Point D.O.R. - The primary page used is the first page. This form utilizes the 7-point scoring system represented in Chapter 1 of this book. There are no page numbers on the pages of this form. Reminder: This is the same form found in the POST Field Training Officer Course and the POST Field Training Program Guide.
  2. Scenario-Specific Daily Observation Report Forms, Individual - There are a total of 12 scene-specific pages, one for each scene on the film. They are page numbered by scene. For example, Set A, second scene (Domestic Violence Call) has the page number, "A-2". There are a total of 12 blank forms.
  3. Alternate Form: Scenario-Specific Daily Observation Report Forms, By Set - This set of forms is only four pages. Each page contains all of the scoring criteria for the three scenes in the full set. These forms do not have page numbers. Warning: This alternative form does not leave space for required documentation; an additional form would need to be developed and provided for those scores that require documentation.
  4. Download Forms: The forms are in "pdf" format; you will need Adobe Reader to view and print them. Please click on DOR Chapter 3 (pdf) to download the required forms.