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Field Training Officer Video Scenarios Instructor Manual

In 1999, POST completed a set of video training scenarios to be used in Field Training Courses or by agencies in their in-house field training update. The goal of these scenarios is to train Field Training Officers (FTOs) to properly and consistently evaluate their trainees. The video scenarios and instructor materials are designed to be used in a classroom setting. The instructor materials offered here reflect minimal editing of the original text, to assist in navigating the web version.

To order the Field Training Video Scenarios, contact the Basic Training Bureau at (916) 227-4252. Below are resources for Instructor materials related to the video scenarios.

Field Training Officer Video Scenarios Online Materials 2004

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Use of Course Materials

What This Package Contains:

  • Before You Begin
  • 12 Video Scenarios
  • Video Scenario Program Orientation -- Suggestions
  • Review of Evaluation Process
  • Standardized Evaluation Guidelines
  • Appearance
  • Attitude
  • Knowledge
  • Performance
  • Relationships

Chapter 2 - Instructor Materials

How to Use The Materials
Other Uses of Video Footage
Time Code Log

Set A
Shoplifting Call
Domestic Violence Call
Traffic Stop/Traffic Violation

Set B
Burglary Report Call
Armed Robbery Call
Auto Burglary (In Progress)

Set C
W. and I. 5150 Call
Hate Crime (In Progress)
Missing Person Report

Set D
Drunk in Public Call
Loud Music Call
Narcotics Violation (In Progress)
Full DOR Exercise

Chapter 3 - Forms for Testing and Documentation Exercises

Finding Forms
Order of Forms
DOR - Full 3-Page Form
Begin 12 Scene Forms

Begin 4 Set Forms (Alternative Forms)

Chapter 4 - DOR Rating/Scoring Key