Chapter 4 - DOR Rating/Scoring Key


This chapter contains a clean copy of the rating/scoring key. The scoring range was determined from the opinions of the experts participating in the development of this project. The student should score somewhere in the area enclosed by brackets.

This small chapter contains the suggested scoring for each scene. If you, the instructor, want to vary or modify the rating/scoring range, you are free to do so. But remember, the moderator announces these rating scores after each scene.

The pages are broken down by sets of scenes; each page contains the three scenes from each set. The forms are in "pdf" format; you will need Adobe Reader to view and print them. Please click on theĀ POST Field Training Program (FTP) Guide (2-237) (pdf) to download the required forms.

If additional copies are needed or an original form needs to be replaced, please return here and download another copy. If you encounter difficulties, please contact the Basic Training Bureau at POST, (916) 227-4252.