Procedure G - Management Counseling
Commission Procedure G-1

Guidelines for Counseling Service


1-1. Management Counseling

This Commission procedure implements the link to Management Counseling and Projects homepage program established in Commission Regulation 1016, which provides that in accordance with Penal Code section 13513 upon the request of a local jurisdiction, the Commission shall provide a counseling service to such local jurisdiction for the purpose of improving the administration, management or operations of a police agency and may aid such jurisdiction in implementing improved practices and techniques. Such service shall be in accordance with Commission policy and guidelines for counseling services as provided in this Commission procedure. Management counseling services shall be provided only to local law enforcement agencies.

Types of Services

1-2. Services Provided

Upon request, the Commission may provide the following types of counseling service:

Preliminary evaluation

Special Survey

General Survey

Selected Counseling

Implementation Assistance

1-3. Preliminary Evaluation

A preliminary evaluation is conducted by POST consultants who determine and make recommendations as to the extent and scope of the counseling services proposed.

1-4. Special Survey

A special survey includes appropriate analysis of a single or limited number of functions within a local law enforcement department, such as an analysis and written report with recommendations covering one or more of the following:


Direction and Control


  • Patrol
  • Traffic
  • Investigations


  • Personnel
  • Training
  • Research and Development
  • Community Relations
  • Crime Prevention


  • Communications
  • Records
  • Warrants
  • Property/Evidence Control
  • Jail
  • Civil and Bailiff

1-5. General Survey

A general survey includes extensive review and appropriate analysis of the administration, operation and service provided by a local law enforcement department and a written report of the analysis with recommendations. All requests for general surveys are subject to approval by the Commission.

A general survey considers the entire local law enforcement department's operation. It examines the role of the agency and its relationship to other functions of local, state and federal government; its administrative, organizational and personnel procedures; its staff and line operations; information systems; communications; equipment; and facilities.

The purpose of the general survey is to analyze an entire local law enforcement operation and, where appropriate, recommend new or advanced systems, procedures, techniques, and methods to improve the capability of the agency to effectively perform its mission.

1-6. Selected Counseling

Selected counseling consists of formal or informal discussions or conferences between administrators of a department and POST staff in order to provide advice. The counseling may be provided with or without preparation of a formal report. High priority for this service will normally be assigned to meet the special or emergency needs of a law enforcement agency.

1-7. Implementation Assistance

Implementation assistance is designed to provide staff assistance in carrying out recommendations provided in POST surveys or management counseling services. This service may include review of preliminary planning, identifying resource materials needed, actual field testing of systems designed, as well as onsite study of existing systems by key personnel for field management training.


1-8. Consultants Assigned

Normally, POST consultants are assigned to conduct surveys and provide implementation assistance. The Commission may, from time to time, utilize the services of qualified special consultants who are not members of POST staff. The Peace Officers' Training Fund, however, shall not be used to provide subsidies to local agencies for the employment of private consultants.

Requests for Service

1-9. Written Requests

Counseling services must be requested of the Commission in writing (see illustration i). In addition to the chief law enforcement officer, requests must be signed by the city manager/administrator or mayor of a municipality.


1-10. POST Consultants

When counseling is provided by the POST staff, there is no charge.

1-11.Special Consultants

If part‑time special consultants are required, costs of the special consultants’ official travel, per diem, and fees may be provided for by written agreement.


1-12.Assistance Available

Illustration i
Example Letter of Request for Management Counseling

Counseling services must be requested of the Commission in writing. In addition to the chief law enforcement officer, requests must be signed by the city manager/administrator or mayor of a municipality.

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