Evaluator Details

NameJonathan Arditti
License Number26815Verify License
Date Evaluator Began Screening Candidates10/12/2016
CPE Credit Hours129
Address9114 Adams Ave
# 355
CityHuntington Beach
Phone Number9493851767

Continuing Professional Education Compliance

Mandated CPE Course(s)

Course Title Completion Date
POST Peace Officer Psychological Screening Manual Book-Based Exam 11/2/2016

Mandated CPE Hours

Past cycles

Compliance CycleRequired HoursCompleted Required Hours?
10/12/2016-11/30/20161 yes
12/1/2016-11/30/201812 yes
12/1/2018-11/30/202012 yes
12/1/2020-11/30/202212 yes

Upcoming cycle

Ending Date Required Hours Completed Hours
11/30/2024 12 0

CPE Courses Completed

The psychological evaluator has completed the following courses for continuing psychological evaluator education credit.

Course TitleProvider NameDateCPE Hours
POST Peace Officer Psychological Screening Manual Book-Based Exam Commission on POST11/2/20168
Legal, Ethical, and Cultural Considerations for Conducting Peace Officer Preemployment Psychological Screenings Mindset Continuing Education11/18/20166
Evidence-Based Screening of Police Candidates Using the MMPI-2-RF: A Comprehensive Workshop AAFP2/12/20174
Using the MMPI-2-RF and CPI-434 in Peace Officer Candidate Screening Mindset Continuing Education4/24/201714
CalHR Psychological Screening Program Annual Training (2017) - Day 1 CalHR/Psychological Screening Program9/25/20176
CalHR Psychological Screening Program Annual Training (2017) - Day 2 CalHR/Psychological Screening Program9/26/20176
CDCR Pre-Employment Peace Officer Psychological Screening and Report Writing Mindset Continuing Education1/18/20186
Psychological Fitness-For-Duty Evaluations For Police and Public Safety Positions Mindset Continuing Education4/21/20186
Conducting Second-Opinion Preemployment Psychological Evaluations of Police and other Public Safety Candidates Mindset Continuing Education 6/16/20186
Foundations and Discussion of the Second Opinion Psychological Evaluation Process of Law Enforcement Candidates Mindset Continuing Education6/21/20183
2018 CalHR Annual Training (Day 1) CalHR/Psychological Screening Program6/25/20186
2018 CalHR Annual Training (Day 2) CalHR/Psychological Screening Program6/26/20186
Essentials of the Psychological Fitness- For-Duty Evaluations for Police Psychologists Mindset Continuing Education9/6/20183
Interviewing & Report Writing for Pre-employment Psychological Screening Evaluations of Correctional Officers Mindset Continuing Education9/21/20186
2019 CalHR Annual Training (Day 1) CalHR/Psychological Screening Program7/15/20197
2019 CalHR Annual Training (Day 2) CalHR/Psychological Screening Program7/16/20196
CDCR PSP Report Writing Training Mindset Continuing Education9/6/20196
Law and Mental Health: Remote Psychological Assessment Using the MMPI Instruments University of New Mexico6/30/20201
ABPPSP Panel: Police Psychology in an Era of Social Unrest: Counseling Cops in a Post George Floyd World CONCEPT Continuing and Professional Studies (Palo Alto University)6/25/20212
Law and Mental Health: Diversity-Related Quality Assurance and Improvement for Psychological Preemployment Screening of Police Officer Candidates UNM Law and Mental Health Lecture Series1/4/20221
Assessing Bias in Police & Other Public Safety Candidates CONCEPT Continuing & Professional Studies (Palo Alto University)2/11/20224
Essentials of MMPI-2 Assessment CE4less.com6/29/202212
Understanding the Impact of Trauma (2 hour course) CE4less11/2/20222
Trauma Awareness (2 hour course) Ce4Less.com11/2/20222

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