Module II Requalification

Commission Regulation 1008(h) requires individuals who previously completed a Module II Course to "requalify" prior to exercising peace officer powers if they:

  1. Have not been employed as a Level II Reserve Officer within three years of the course completion date.
  2. Have a three-year or longer break in service as a Level II Reserve Officer.

Two Options for Requalification

Commission Regulation 1008(h) Requalification Requirement for the Regular Basic Course – Modular Format, Module II

Three-Year Requalification Requirement: Requalification is required for any individual who seeks appointment or reappointment to a position for which Module II of the Regular Basic Course – Modular Format is required as the minimum training standard [reference Commission Regulation section 1007(a)(2)(A)] when the individual:

  1. Has previously served in a California Level II reserve peace officer position and has:
    1. Successfully completed a POST-certified Module III and Module II, but subsequently has a three-year or longer break from the last date of service.
  2. Has NOT previously served in a California Level II reserve peace officer position and has:
    1. Successfully completed a POST-certified Module III and Module II, but subsequently has a three-year-or-longer break from the last date of successful completion of Module II.

Requalification Methods

When requalification is required, as determined above, it must be achieved before an individual may exercise peace officer powers. Upon successful requalification the individual is eligible, for up to three years, to be appointed or reappointed as a California Level II reserve peace officer. The provisions and means for requalification are as follows:

  1. Repeating and successfully completing Module II OR
  2. Demonstrating continued mastery of Module II training material by passing the POST-Constructed Comprehensive Module II End-of-Course Test, the PC 832 Arrest Methods Exercise Tests and the PC 832 Firearms Exercise Test. This can be accomplished through the completion of the Module II Requalification Testing Process [for eligibility refer to [1008(h)].

Testing Requirements

The tests below are administered in the course and at the test centers.

  • Comprehensive Test: POST-Constructed Comprehensive Module II End-of-Course Test (LDs 5, 6, 7, 8, 15, 16, 20 and 39)
  • Arrest Methods Exercise Tests: Includes searching, takedown techniques, control holds, and handcuffing.
  • Firearms Exercise Test: Demonstrating basic handgun shooting principles. Applicants for the Module III Course or Exercise Test are required to obtain a Criminal History Clearance.

Requalification Test Centers

Test Center Address Contact
Palomar College Public Safety Training Center 182 Santar Place
San Marcos, CA 92069
 (760) 891-7656
San Bernardino County Sheriff's Regional Training Center 18901 Institution Road
San Bernardino, CA 92407
(909) 473-3686
South Bay Regional Public Safety Training 3095 Yerba Buena Road
San Jose, CA 95135
(408) 270-6458
State Center Regional Training Facility 1101 East University Avenue
Fresno, CA 93741
(559) 442-8277

To Apply

Select a test center, prepare and mail all of the items listed below:

Test Request

Submit a written request to participate in the testing process and include your:

  • Full name
  • Mailing address
  • Daytime phone number
  • POST ID Number – to verify prior Modules III and II training

Proof of Module Course Completion

The applicant will provide the Testing Center with a POST Profile. A POST Profile is a computer database record that provides the history of an individual's California law enforcement employment, POST professional certificates, and POST-certified training. This FAQ section provides information on how to obtain your POST Profile.

Test Fee

Contact the Module Requalification Test Centers for testing fee requirements. (Fees may vary by presenter.)

Criminal History Clearance

An applicant for the firearms exercise test who is not sponsored by a local or other law enforcement agency, or is not a peace officer employed by a state or local agency, department or district shall be required to submit a written criminal history clearance from the Department of Justice to the test center prior to being admitted to the Firearms test. POST Bulletin 98-28 (pdf) provides further information.

Test Eligibility

Once prior Module II and III training is verified, the applicant will be contacted by the test center within 30 days to arrange a testing date. The applicant must complete the test(s) within 90 days of the test eligibility date.

Retest Options

If a test is failed, one retest is allowed within 90 days of the initial test. (Fees may be charged for retesting.) If a retest is failed, a POST-certified Module II Course must be successfully completed prior to exercising peace officer powers.

Test Results

If all tests are passed, the test center will send verification of successful completion to POST postmarked within five working days of the test date.

Valid For Three (3) Years

An individual must be appointed as a peace officer within three years of the requalification date.

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