How Do I Obtain a POST ID or POST Profile?

How Do I Obtain a POST Profile?

The following information provides answers to the most frequently asked questions related to POST profiles

  1. What is a POST Profile?
    A POST Profile is a computer database record that provides the history of an individual's California law enforcement employment, POST professional certificates, and POST-certified training.
  2. How do I request a POST Profile?
    Profiles are confidential records available only to the subject individual or the individual's current employer (POST-participating department only). All "other requesters" must provide POST with an authorization to release information, signed by the subject individual. Those who do not have a signed authorization must comply with the requirements specified in California Evidence Code Section 1043. Profiles are available for immediate download by law enforcement personnel throughout California. The download is secure and encrypted, allowing access only by authorized users. A Profile download requires a PASS account which may be created on the POST Website. Once a PASS account is created users must link their POST ID to their PASS account to download their Profile. Alternatively law enforcement personnel may submit a request for a profile to be mailed. To receive a mailed copy, complete, sign, and send a POST Profile Request (2-126) provided on this website to POST. When specific course verification is needed; e.g., PC 832 course verification, please provide the name of the course, the name of the training institution, and the completion date of the training you are attempting to verify in the "Questions/Comments" section at the bottom of the form. You may also use this section for any other questions or to request the profile be sent by email.
  3. Is there a fee for requesting a POST Profile?
    There is no fee for a POST profile.
  4. Is there a fee for notary services?
    POST provides POST-related notary services without fee. For more information you may contact Laura Singh or (916) 227-3909.
  5. What is the mailing address?

    Commission on POST Attn: Strategic Communications and Research Bureau

    Peace Officer Verification of Employment
    860 Stillwater Road, Suite 100
    West Sacramento, CA 95605

  6. What is the processing time?
    The profile is usually available within 10 days from the date POST receives the request.
  7. Can I FAX or email the request?
    POST will accept emails to POST Peace Officer Verification of Employment. Because email transmittals are not secure, your personal information could be at risk. POST does not take responsibility for information sent via email. Instant downloading of your POST Profile is available through the POST Website to law enforcement personnel who create a PASS account and link their POST ID. If you work for a POST-participating department that has access to the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) System, you may be able to obtain your profile more expeditiously within your department.
  8. Can a POST-participating agency request profiles for the entire agency?
    Yes, an agency may request profiles for all agency employees or a specific employee category; i.e., sworn peace officers only, reserve peace officers only, records supervisors, or dispatchers only. Agency requests must be submitted on agency letterhead and must be signed by the department head or designee. Agencies using the Training Management System (TMS) software may request profile information formatted for that system. Agencies participating in the POST Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) System may immediately access agency-specific, POST profiles using EDI when only a few profiles are needed. Alternatively, instant downloading of each users POST Profile is available through the POST Website to law enforcement personnel who create a PASS account and link their POST ID.
  9. Additional Questions?
    Questions not answered by the information in this FAQ section may be directed to POST Peace Officer Verification of Employment.

Obtaining your POST ID

POST ID: (Alpha## - Alpha##)

The purpose of the POST ID is to provide a unique identifier for law enforcement personnel so that a SSN is no longer needed. The POST ID is created when a person is first appointed to a POST agency or takes a POST certified course.

Obtain A POST ID:

To obtain your POST ID please contact your agency's Training Manager or you may use our POST ID lookup. If you are unable to do so you may contact our support team at (916) 227-4357.