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The California Commission on POST is committed to the safety of law enforcement motorcycle personnel and their agencies. The following suggested guidelines and resources, developed and suggested by the Motor Officers Training and Operational Review for Safety (MOTORS) Advisory Group, can support and inform many aspects of motorcycle operations and training, with the primary goal of reducing the number of law enforcement motorcycle operators killed and injured in traffic collisions nationwide.

Training Resources

These law enforcement motorcycle resources have been provided for viewer convenience. They are not intended to be comprehensive. 

POST Certified Law Enforcement Motorcycle Courses

Individual law enforcement agencies and regional training centers offer a variety of POST certified law enforcement motorcycle training courses throughout the year. Visit the POST Course Catalog to locate a nearby course. Once a course is selected, contact the course provider for any additional resources or information needed to assist the trainee prior to or after course completion.

Competitive Training

To be a safe and proficient law enforcement motorcycle operator requires regular training and skills maintenance. Some agencies and motorcycle personnel participate in law enforcement competitions to help keep their skills honed. If interested in obtaining exemplar courses or attending such events, Setcom provides information for law enforcement Motorcycle Course Designs.

New Training Technology

SKIDCAR introduced new vehicle technology in the form of a SKIDBIKE at the 2016 International Driver and Rider Training Symposium. The SKIDBIKE is a training platform for new and experienced motorcycle riders. It allows riders to develop new skills without the fear of falling or the danger of injury resulting from a fall. Read more at

Uniforms and Equipment


Law enforcement motorcycle operators are exposed to road, traffic, and engine noise, sirens, and radio transmissions, sometimes simultaneously. There are products available that can help with hearing protection without eliminating the ability to hear. One such product is Hocks Noise Breaker, a custom molded earpiece that can be worn by individuals operating law enforcement motorcycle personnel.


The Snell Memorial Foundation, a non-profit organization, is dedicated exclusively to head protection, including helmet testing, standards development, and public education. Snell puts helmets through a battery of destructive tests to ensure they protect the head from direct impact with surfaces or objects that might be encountered in a motorcycling accident. A helmet meeting the standards will bear the Snell certification. Read more about the certification program or take a guided tour at the North Highlands, CA facility.


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“The culture of safe riding is everyone’s responsibility.”

— MOTORS Advisory Group