Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When is POST accepting applications?
    The Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute (SBSLI) open enrollment will be announced in a POST bulletin.
  2. How do I apply?
    Applications will be accepted through EDI. If you do not have EDI access, please contact your agency’s training manager.
  3. Do I need to reapply for each open enrollment period?
    No need to reapply. Applicants not selected to attend a SLI course in the previous open enrollment period will continue to be in the application pool.
  4. When will I know if I’m accepted into SLI?
    Once you have completed your SLI application, our course presenter will notify you of your application status. SLI acceptance is ongoing as the classes become available. Please do not contact POST staff to inquire about your SLI application status.
  5. What if my agency does not have EDI access?
    Contact EDI Helpdesk at (916) 227-4357 for further assistance.
  6. What are the minimum application requirements?
    To be considered for SBSLI enrollment each applicant must meet the following criteria at the time of application:
    • Is currently serving as a first-level supervisory peace officer (generally the position of Sergeant).
    • Is currently serving as a first-level supervisory dispatcher (generally the position of Dispatch Supervisor).
    • Has completed two years of full-time experience supervising peace officer at the time that the application is submitted.
    • Has completed two years of full-time experience supervising dispatchers at the time that the application is submitted
      • Must have Notice of Appointment (NOAT) in EDI showing two years of experience
      • Time served as an acting first-level supervisory peace officer/dispatcher or acting first-level supervisor will not be accepted.
    • Must be a peace officer. Correctional officers with PC831 status are not allowed as they do not have a NOAT.
    • Has completed the POST Supervisory Course or has been awarded a POST Supervisory Certificate.
    • Agrees to remain in law enforcement for five (5) years after SBSLI graduation.
  7. What are some common problems when submitting an application through EDI?
    There are several possible reasons that an applicant may be listed as ineligible. The following are some scenarios and recommendations:
    • Incorrect Rank
      Often, applicants are shown as not being qualified if the agency neglected to send a NOTA to POST upon promotion to the first-level supervisory rank. The agency should check the profile of the individual and then submit a NOTA via EDI immediately to remedy the situation.
    • Incorrect Rank Date
      It is also possible that the rank date for appointment to first-level supervisor may have been incorrectly entered. The profile for the individual should be checked to ensure it is correct. If it is not correct, please contact EDI Helpdesk at (916) 227-4357 to have it corrected.
    • Incorrect or Missing Basic Supervisory Course Roster

      Completion of the Supervisory Course is indicated on POST rosters; however, occasionally a roster has not been received or student ID was incorrectly noted, and credit for completion was recorded under another student’s ID. Agencies should check the applicant's POST Profile to be sure that completion of the course is noted. 

      Agencies that submit an incorrect appointment via EDI will need to notify POST in writing within ten days, with a justification of the correction request. Requests should be submitted to the EDI Unit of the Strategic Communications Bureau using the Correction to the Record (2-362) (pdf) at Agencies that are able to update NOTA information via EDI may update the data as needed to correct discrepancies. Contact EDI Helpdesk at (916) 227-4357 for further assistance.

Notice as of August 28, 2023

Each class will be notified of the details on how to access the information for their class. The Alumni photos will no longer be posted on the SBSLI Network on the POST Website. Please contact Jim Katapodis at (916) 204-5587 if you have any questions.