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December 2020

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Executive Director's Message

Manny Alvarez, Executive Director
Manny Alvarez, Executive Director

By Manny Alvarez, Jr.

This year brought many calls for police reform and training. We educated and we listened. We provided testimony to explain our role and demonstrate the good work we do to the California Legislature. We collaborated with the California Community Colleges on their “Call to Action.” We heard the loud concerns from government leaders and fellow citizens about the carotid restraint control hold, and the Commission removed it from the training curriculum. We listened to the concerns about how law enforcement addresses large public gatherings, demonstrations, and protests, and we embarked on a project to refresh POST crowd management guidelines and training. The public demanded an emphasis on de-escalation training, and we incorporated new training and scenario testing into the basic academy and deployed new in-service courses. Our law enforcement agency stakeholders asked for consideration on training mandates, and we offered flexibility and solutions. Some agency training budgets were challenged, and we shifted funding to fully support all of our programs to maximize training and local assistance. We recognize, now more than ever, the need to incorporate peace officer and dispatcher wellness into everything we do, and we embarked on a project to instill change. The ability to make adjustments and pivot is the mark of a strong organization. Our predecessors at POST exemplified this for decades, and we are confident we have moved things forward in 2020.

COVID-19 has had a negative impact on POST operations and frankly no explanation is needed. More importantly, many of us saw family, friends, and co-workers suffer and even die from the virus. We witnessed our first responders unwavering patriotism and courage under the most difficult times in our recent history. As challenging as it has been, it will end, and we will all come out stronger. The pandemic has brought us closer together and given us perspective on life and service.

In conclusion, POST owes a debt of gratitude to the following staff, all of whom retired in 2020:

  • Evalina Olivarria, Training Delivery & Compliance Bureau
  • Phil Caporale, Strategic Communications & Research Bureau
  • Ralph Brown, Training Delivery & Compliance Bureau
  • Brenda Ali, Training Delivery & Compliance Bureau
  • Luanne Vasquez, Basic Training Bureau
  • Ben Damian, Administrative Services Bureau
  • Bob Holmgren, Strategic Communications & Research Bureau
  • Greg Kyritsis, Training Program Services Bureau
  • Mary Brendlen, Basic Training Bureau
  • Joe Sampson, Training Program Services Bureau

12 New Videos were Released in 2020; Existing DVD Videos Converted to Online Streaming

The Learning Technology Resources Bureau released twelve new videos in 2020, plus completed the conversion of 50+ previous training videos from DVD format to online streaming on the POST Learning Portal.

Videos that were released this past year include: six full-length training videos on topics of de-escalation, bias and racial profiling, officer wellness, human trafficking, mental health, and natural disaster response; four Did You Know? videos on topics including hate crimes, human trafficking, and officer wellness; and two special basic training program videos for recruit training officer and director/coordinator orientation.

More than 50 previously-released DVDs were also converted to streaming video on the POST Learning Portal, with a total collection of 90 videos now available online.

In the first half of 2021, six more new videos will be released, with topics that include domestic violence update, gun violence restraining orders (GVRO), POST EDI user tutorial, future of dispatching, and instructor videos for strategic communications and principled policing courses.

For questions about POST Training Videos, visit the POST Website or contact Ron Crook, Learning Technology Resources Bureau, at (916) 227-3913.

POST Online Presence During COVID-19

Law Enforcement Consultants from the Training Delivery and Compliance Bureau continue to offer online training presentations and informational meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the current State of Emergency orders.

One such presentation was the Background Investigations Update course which was presented on December 15th for over 60 background investigators and background unit supervisors from around the state. The attendees came from various state and local law enforcement agencies as well as private entities that provide background services to law enforcement.

On December 16th, Training Managers and California Association of Police Training Officers (CAPTO) members from the Central Valley met online to receive an update on upcoming course content changes relating to Use of Force and a variety of other POST updates as we approach 2021 and the new CPT/PSP Training Cycle.

Questions regarding online course options can be directed to your Regional Law Enforcement Consultant.

POST Patrol Officer Physical Demands Job Task Analysis

The Strategic Communications and Research Bureau has completed the update of POST’s Patrol Officer Physical Demand Job Task Analysis. This analysis provides crucial foundational support for all further work, which includes analyzing and modernizing the Regular Basic Course (RBC) physical conditioning and physical testing requirements, updating the RBC Physical Training Instructor’s Course, developing and validating a Pre-Academy physical ability test, determining the empirical relationship between academy physical performance requirements and future job performance, and evaluating the prospect of treating physical fitness as a perishable skill.

A project advisory team, consisting of physical training experts and representatives from law enforcement agencies, contributed to the completion of the analysis. Details of the methodology and survey utilized, along with the findings and results can be found in the Patrol Officer Physical Demands Study technical report.

Questions regarding the Patrol Officer Physical Demand Job Task Analysis may be directed to Examination and Research Consultant, Chau N. Chan, Strategic Communications and Research Bureau, at (916) 227-4835.

POST Offers Online Version of Training Administrator’s Course

On December 17, 2020, the Training Delivery and Compliance Bureau held an online training presentation of the Training Administrator’s Course for training managers in the State. This course specifically addresses how to get a new course certified, how to modify a course, POST regulations as it pertains to courses, and all details involving the course certification process. The training was well attended and provided the attendees with all the information necessary to get started in the course certification journey. If you are interested in attending future online presentations of this course, please visit the POST TAC webpage to be placed on the interest list.

Questions regarding the online version of the Training Administrator’s Course may be directed to Christine Ford, Training Delivery Compliance Bureau, at (916) 227-0472.

Meet the New POST Employees

Andres Rosales

Andres Rosales

Senior Accounting Officer (Specialist)
Administrative Services Bureau

Andres Rosales comes to us from the State Controllers Office (SCO) Local Government Program Services Division (LGPSD) where he served as an Accounting Analyst. Prior to SCO, Andres worked in Washington State for Clifton Larson Allen, an accounting firm, where he was an accounting specialist. Andres is assigned as the Senior Accounting Officer (Specialist), in the Administrative Services Bureau.

Laura Singh

Laura Singh

Office Technician (Typing)
Learning Technology Resources Bureau

Laura worked at the Hyatt Regency Sacramento as a Reservations Agent for the past 16 years. She likes to travel and during COVID her motto has been “go outside and play.” She has 4 children and 1 granddaughter. She is excited to start her State career with POST. She is assigned as an Office Technician in the Learning Technology Resources Bureau.

Charles Sandoval

Charles Sandoval

Law Enforcement Consultant II (Retired Annuitant)
Basic Training Bureau

Charles returns to POST as a Law Enforcement Consultant II - Retired Annuitant. Charles retired in 2018 after spending 13 years with POST. Prior to POST, Charles was a Police Sergeant with the Sacramento Police Department for 24 years. Charles is assigned to the Basic Training Bureau working on the PC832 program.

Legislative Update

Status of Current Legislation

The following is legislation POST is monitoring in the 2021-22 session. This is not a complete list of legislation that could affect law enforcement. The Legislature reconvenes on January 11, 2021. (Updated 12/21/2020)

Bill # and Author Title and Summary Status of Bill

AB 17

Assembly Member Cooper

Peace officers: disqualification from employment

Current law disqualifies certain persons from holding office or being employed as a peace officer, including any person who has been convicted of a felony.This bill would state the intent of the Legislature to amend this provision governing the disqualification of certain persons from holding office or being employed as a peace officer.

Introduced Date: 12/7/2020

Status: 12/8/2020-From printer. May be heard in committee January 7.

AB 26

Assembly Member Holden

Public Employment: public officers or employees declared by law to be peace officers

Current law requires each law enforcement agency, on or before January 1, 2021, to maintain a policy that provides a minimum standard on the use of force. Current law requires that policy, among other things, to require that officers report potential excessive force to a superior officer when present and observing another officer using force that the officer believes to be unnecessary, and to require that officers intercede when present and observing another officer using force that is clearly beyond that which is necessary, as specified. This bill would require those law enforcement policies to require those officers to immediately report potential excessive force, and to intercede when present and observing an officer using excessive force, as defined.

Introduced Date: 12/7/2020

Status: 12/8/2020-From printer. May be heard in committee January 7.

AB 48

Assembly Member Gonzalez, Lorena

Law enforcement: kinetic energy projectiles and chemical agents

Would prohibit the use of kinetic energy projectiles or chemical agents, as defined, by any law enforcement agency to disperse any assembly, protest, or demonstration, except in compliance with specified standards set by the bill, and would prohibit their use solely due to a violation of an imposed curfew, verbal threat, or noncompliance with a law enforcement directive. The bill would prohibit the use of chloroacetophenone tear gas or 2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile gas by law enforcement agencies to disperse any assembly, protest, or demonstration. The bill would include in the standards for the use of kinetic energy projectiles and chemical agents to disperse gatherings the requirement that, among other things, those weapons only be used to defend against a threat to life or serious bodily injury to any individual, including a peace officer.

Introduced Date: 12/7/2020

Status: 12/8/2020-From printer. May be heard in committee January 7.

AB 57

Assembly Member Gabriel

Hate crimes

Would state the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation to respond to the increase in hate crimes by, among other things, strengthening requirements for law enforcement training and education regarding hate crimes and enhancing statutory prohibitions against online hate and harassment.

Introduced Date: 12/7/2020

Status: 12/8/2020-From printer. May be heard in committee January 7.

AB 60

Assembly Member Salas

Law enforcement

Would disqualify a person from being employed as a peace officer if that person has been convicted of, or has been adjudicated by a military tribunal as having committed an offense that would have been a felony if committed in this state. The bill would also disqualify any person who has been certified as a peace officer by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training and has had that certification revoked by the commission.

Introduced Date: 12/7/2020

Status: 12/8/2020-From printer. May be heard in committee January 7.

AB 89

Assembly Member Jones-Sawyer

Peace officers: minimum qualifications

Current law requires peace officers in this state to meet specified minimum standards, including age and education requirements. This bill would increase the minimum qualifying age from 18 to 25 years of age. This bill would permit an individual under 25 years of age to qualify for employment as a peace officer if the individual has a bachelor’s or advanced degree from an accredited college or university. The bill would provide legislative findings in support of the measure.

Introduced Date: 12/7/2020

Status: 12/8/2020-From printer. May be heard in committee January 7.

AB 118

Assembly Member Kamlager

Emergency services: community response: grant program

Would, until January 1, 2026, enact the Community Response Initiative to Strengthen Emergency Systems Act or the C.R.I.S.E.S. Act for the purpose of creating, implementing, and evaluating the 3-year C.R.I.S.E.S. Grant Pilot Program, which the act would establish. The bill would require the office to establish rules and regulations for the program with the goal of making grants to community organizations, over 3 years, for the purpose of expanding the participation of community organizations in emergency response for specified vulnerable populations. The bill would require that grantees receive a minimum award of $250,000 per year. The bill would require a community organization receiving funds pursuant to the program to use the grant to stimulate and support involvement in emergency response activities that do not require a law enforcement officer, as specified. The bill would require the Director of Emergency Services (director) to assemble staff and resources to carry out certain duties in support of the program

Introduced Date: 12/18/2020

Status: 12/18/2020-From printer. May be heard in committee January 7.

SB 2

Senator Bradford

Peace Officers: certification: civil rights

Would state the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation amending the Tom Bane Civil Rights Act and to provide a decertification process for peace officers.

Introduced Date: 12/7/2020

Status: 12/8/2020-From printer. May be heard in committee January 7.

SB 16

Senator Skinner

Peace officers: release of records

Would, commencing July 1, 2022, make every incident involving use of force to make a member of the public comply with an officer, force that is unreasonable, or excessive force subject to disclosure. The bill would, commencing July 1, 2022, require records relating to sustained findings of unlawful arrests and unlawful searches to be subject to disclosure. The bill would, commencing July 1, 2022, also require the disclosure of records relating to an incident in which a sustained finding was made by any law enforcement agency or oversight agency that a peace officer or custodial officer engaged in conduct involving prejudice or discrimination on the basis of specified protected classes. The bill would require the retention of all complaints and related reports or findings currently in the possession of a department or agency. The bill would require that records relating to an incident in which an officer resigned before an investigation is completed to also be subject to release.

Introduced Date: 12/7/2020

Status: 12/8/2020-From printer. May be heard in committee January 7.

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