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Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigation

Look up course dates and presenters for more information on upcoming course dates or to register for a class.

Contact the POST ICI Program Manager at (916) 508-7789 for information on certificates or general program questions.

ICI Certificate of Achievement

The ICI Program is presented in three phases and includes approximately 200 hours of training to qualify for an ICI Certificate in one of 16 specialty areas.  The phases include a Core Course, a Foundation Specialty Course, and three Investigative Electives.  All courses must be completed within ten years of the application date (excluding the Core Course).  Students can receive an ICI Certificate in more than one specialty area but may only use a course once for all ICI Certificates (except the Core Course).

Core Course

The basic investigation Core Course is a requirement for all students and is a prerequisite for many other ICI courses.  There is no equivalent for this course.  This course is only taken once and is not subject to the ten-year rule.

Foundation Specialty Course

Students must complete one of the following Foundation Specialty courses – Arson/Explosives, Burglary, Child Abuse, Computer Crime, Domestic Violence, Environmental Crimes, Human Trafficking Investigation, Fraud/Forgery, Gangs, Homicide, ID Theft, Narcotics, Robbery, Sexual Assault, Vice, or Vehicle Theft.  There is no equivalent for these courses.

Foundation Specialty Courses may not be used as Investigative Electives.

Investigative Elective Courses

Students must complete a total of three courses from the Investigative Elective list (docx).  Investigative Electives must be at least 24 hours in duration.  Courses of at least 8 hours may be combined to meet the 24-hour requirement.  Courses in enforcement, weapons, tactics, and supervision/management are not considered investigative training.

Once a course has been applied toward a certificate, including the Foundation Specialty Course, it is not reusable toward another certificate (except the Core Course).

Instructions for Obtaining an ICI Certificate

Complete the ICI Certificate Application Form (pdf) and upon completion, mail, or email to:

POST ICI Program Manager
860 Stillwater Road, Suite 100
West Sacramento, CA 95605
Desk: (916) 215-4432

To verify records and get details on courses attended please check your POST Training Profile or contact your agency training officer/manager who can verify this information from records using the Electronic Data Interchange system.

For each course submitted in the ICI application, please specify:

  • Course Title
  • Course Hours
  • Presenter (Agency Name)
  • 14-digit POST Course Control Number
  • Date course was completed

All submitted courses are subject to verification.  If a course does not have a POST Course Control Number, please attach a copy of the course completion certificate showing the student's name, course title, course duration, and date of completion.  All submitted materials will not be returned so do not submit original documents - copies only.


POST Plan IV (tuition free, travel/per diem reimbursement) is used for the Core Course and some ICI Foundation Specialty Courses to those agencies eligible for POST reimbursement. Other ICI courses are available on a tuition basis.

Who Should Apply?

ICI courses are open to all full-time, sworn Detectives/Investigators from California POST-affiliated law enforcement agencies.  Patrol officers who are pending (within six months) an investigative assignment may attend the Core Course. Other sworn law enforcement personnel may attend ICI courses on a space available basis by paying the full course costs. The ICI Program requires a commitment from both students and their respective agencies to attend and complete the rigorous course requirements.