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January 2022

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Basic Training Bureau’s Basic Course Certification Review (BCCR) of Tulare-Kings Law Enforcement Academy

BCCR Of Tulare-Kings Law Enforcement Academy
BCCR Of Tulare-Kings Law Enforcement Academy
BCCR Of Tulare-Kings Law Enforcement Academy
BCCR Of Tulare-Kings Law Enforcement Academy

During the week of January 10-13, 2022, the POST Basic Training Bureau (BTB) conducted a Basic Course Certification Review (BCCR) of the Tulare-Kings Law Enforcement Academy.

The BCCR is an in-depth review of Basic Course presenters regarding the certification of their courses and ensures the quality, integrity, and safety of entry-level peace officer training in California. POST makes sure all certified Basic Course presenters are in compliance with the Penal Codes and Government Codes related to POST, Commission Regulations, Commission Procedures, and the Training and Testing Specifications (TTS).  

For questions regarding the Basic Course Certification Review process, please contact Bill Lewis, Staff Services Manager in the Basic Training Bureau, at (916) 227-4856.

New Self-Paced Course: Beyond Bias: Racial & Identity Profiling Update

A new self-paced course, Beyond Bias: Racial & Identity Profiling Update, is now available for all POST Learning Portal users. This course meets the mandate for racial and identity profiling update training, as described in California Penal Code Section 13519.4, and features video testimonials from law enforcement and community members, learning interactions, and scenario-based knowledge checks. 

The course, which is broken into segments that can be completed in 30 minutes or less, offers four Continuing Professional Training credit hours. To learn more, check out the course commercial video

For questions about the course, please contact Charday Alcaraz, Instructional Designer/Project Manager in the Learning Technology Resources Bureau, at (916) 227-5562.

Training Coordinator Course Presented in Simi Valley, CA

Training Coordinator Courses in Simi Valley
Training Coordinator Courses in Simi Valley
Training Coordinator Courses in Simi Valley
Training Coordinator Courses in Simi Valley

On January 19-20, 2022, students attended the 16-hour Training Coordinator Course hosted by the Simi Valley Police Department and instructed by POST staff. The course is designed for assigned training managers and coordinators. Topics include the training manager’s role, navigating the POST website and EDI, understanding the mandatory and legislative training requirements, identifying training resources on the POST Learning Portal, and the course certification process.

Questions regarding future Training Coordinator Courses may be directed to the POST Regional Consultants in the Training Delivery and Compliance Bureau.

Meet the New POST Employees

Charles Johnson

Charles Johnson

Associate Governmental Program Analyst
Training Program Services Bureau

Charles comes to us from the California Highway Patrol (CHP) where he served as an Associate Governmental Program Analyst (AGPA) in the Grants Management Unit overseeing traffic safety grants from the Office of Traffic Safety. Prior to CHP, Charles worked for the Department of Consumer Affairs in various capacities, including the Board of Behavioral Sciences, Consumer Outreach and Information Center, and the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.

Anne Henry

Anne Henry

Retired Annuitant (Associate Governmental Program Analyst)
Management Counseling Projects Bureau

Anne is a retired Dispatcher of 42 years. She started at San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office and then worked for Placer County Sheriff’s Office for 19 years. Anne finished her career with an additional 19 years at the Auburn Police Department.

Ashley Moore

Ashley Moore

Staff Services Analyst
Training Delivery and Compliance Bureau

Ashley comes to us from the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office where she served in a variety of assignments, including the Civil Bureau, Corrections, Internal Affairs, Legal Affairs, and the Central Division. In her free time, she is a fitness enthusiast and loves spending time with her dog and family. Ashley is a recent bachelor's degree graduate and is excited to continue her law enforcement career with POST.

Legislative Update

Status of Current Legislation

The following is a list of the legislation POST is monitoring during the 2022-23 legislative session. This is not a complete list of legislation that could affect law enforcement. (Updated 1/21/2022)

Bill # and Author Title and Summary Status of Bill

AB 122

Assembly Member Boerner Horvath

Vehicles: required stops: bicycles

Would, until January 1, 2028, require a person riding a bicycle, when approaching a stop sign at the entrance of an intersection, to yield the right-of-way to any vehicles that have either stopped at or entered the intersection, or that are approaching on the intersecting highway close enough to constitute an immediate hazard, and to pedestrians, as specified, and continue to yield the right-of-way to those vehicles and pedestrians until reasonably safe to proceed. The bill would require other vehicles to yield the right-of-way to a bicycle that, having yielded as prescribed, has entered the intersection. The bill would state that these provisions do not affect the liability of a driver of a motor vehicle as a result of the driver’s negligent or wrongful act or omission in the operation of a motor vehicle.

Amended: 7/8/2021

Status: 1/3/2022-Consideration of Governor's veto pending.

AB 655

Assembly Member Kalra

 California Law Enforcement Accountability Reform Act

Current law requires that a candidate for a peace officer position be of good moral character, as determined by a thorough background investigation. This bill would require that background investigation to include an inquiry into whether a candidate for specified peace officer positions has engaged in membership in a hate group, participation in any hate group activity, or advocacy of public expressions of hate, as specified, and as those terms are defined. The bill would provide that certain findings would disqualify a person from employment.

Amended: 1/21/2022

Status: 1/20/2022-From committee: Amend, and do pass as amended

AB 662

Assembly Member Rodriguez

Mental health: dispatch and response protocols: working group

Would require the California Health and Human Services Agency to convene a working group, as specified, no later than July 1, 2022, to examine the existing dispatch and response protocols when providing emergency medical services to an individual who may require evaluation and treatment for a mental health disorder. The bill would require the working group to develop recommendations for improvements to those dispatch and response protocols and recommend amendments to existing law, including, but not limited to, the provisions governing involuntarily taking an individual into temporary custody for a mental health evaluation and treatment. The bill would require the working group to submit periodic reports to the Legislature every 6 months to update the Legislature on its progress, and to submit a final report of its recommendations to the Legislature on or before January 1, 2024.

Status: 1/19/2022-From inactive file. Ordered to third reading

AB 1406

Assembly Member Lackey

Law enforcement agency policies: carrying of equipment

Current law requires law enforcement agencies to maintain a policy on the use of force, as specified. Current law places certain restrictions on the use of force by law enforcement agencies, including prohibiting the use of a choke hold or carotid restraint. This bill would require a law enforcement agency that authorizes peace officers to carry an electroshock device, such as a taser or stun gun that is held and operated in a manner similar to a pistol, to require that device to be holstered or otherwise carried on the lateral side of the body opposite to the side that that officer’s firearm is holstered.

Amended: 1/3/2022

Status: 1/20/2022-From committee: Do pass. 

AB 1604

Assembly Member Holden

The Upward Mobility Act of 2022: boards and commissions: civil service: examinations: classifications

Would require that, on or after January 1, 2023, all state boards and commissions consisting of one or more volunteer members have at least one board member or commissioner from an underrepresented community. The bill would define the term “board member or commissioner from an underrepresented community” as an individual who self-identifies as Black, African American, Hispanic, Latino, Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American, Native Hawaiian, or Alaska Native; who self-identifies as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender; who is a veteran, as defined; or who has a disability, as defined. The bill would apply these requirements only as vacancies on state boards and commissions occur.

Introduced: 1/4/2022

Status: 1/14/2022-Referred to Com. on P.E. & R.

AB 1639

Assembly Member Voepel


Current law prohibits the manufacture, importation, sale, or transfer of an unsafe handgun, as defined. Current law exempts from this prohibition sales to the San Diego Unified Port District Harbor Police and the Harbor Department of the City of Los Angeles, provided the handgun will be used as a service weapon by a sworn officer who has satisfactorily completed the POST basic course and will complete a live-fire qualification at least once every 6 months. Current law additionally prohibits a licensed firearms dealer from processing the sale or transfer of an unsafe handgun between a person who has obtained an unsafe handgun pursuant to this exemption and a person who is not exempt. Current law makes it an infraction to leave an unsafe handgun that was obtained pursuant to this exemption in an unattended vehicle, as specified. Under existing law, these additional requirements and prohibitions do not generally apply to the sale of an unsafe handgun to a police department or sheriff’s official. This bill would make the above, training, qualification, transfer, and vehicle storage requirements inapplicable to an unsafe handgun sold to a police officer of the San Diego Unified Port District Harbor Police or a port warden or a port police officer of the Harbor Department of the City of Los Angeles.

Introduced: 1/12/2022

Status: 1/20/2022-Referred to Com. on PUB. S.


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