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January 2024

Keeping you up to date on POST projects

POST Launches New Website

On January 10, 2024, the Computer Services Bureau completed a nine-month long project to redesign the POST Website. The new design streamlines and simplifies access to materials and information on the website with a modern look and feel. Noticeable improvements include:

  • Integrated Google search engine 
  • Google Translate on all webpages
  • Faster webpage load speed
  • User-centric homepage
  • Improved navigation and user-centric grouping of pages 
  • Mobile-friendly with improved mobile navigation
  • No disruption in links and bookmarks

Questions regarding the POST Website may be directed to Elayne Anderson, Web Unit Manager with the Computer Services Bureau, at (916) 227-4861.

Basic Training Bureau Conducts Workshop to Create Active Shooter Content for Basic Courses

BTB Active Shooter Workshop
BTB Active Shooter Workshop

On January 9– 11, 2024, the Basic Training Bureau (BTB) conducted a workshop to create an Active Shooter workbook for the Basic Courses. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) reviewed existing content and created a new student workbook as well as Testing and Training Specifications. 

For questions regarding the workbook update process, please contact Brandon Kiely, Law Enforcement Consultant with the Basic Training Bureau, at (916) 809-3443.

Basic Training Bureau Conducts Workshop to Update the Instructor’s Guide to Learning Activities  

BTB Active Shooter Workshop
BTB Instructor Guide Workshop

On January 16–18, 2024, BTB conducted the first workshop to update the Instructor’s Guide to Learning Activities publication. This guide was designed to assist instructors of the Regular Basic Course with learning activities and techniques to engage students in the student-centered learning environment. SMEs representing ten basic course presenters began the review process to update learning activities throughout the 42 learning domains. 

For questions regarding the update to the publication, please contact Anita Finner, Staff Services Manager I with the Basic Training Bureau, at (916) 215-4103.

Principled Policing Course Update

In October 2022, the Training Program Services Bureau collaborated with the California State University, Long Beach, Center for Criminal Justice Research and Training to update the Principled Policing course. As a result, an amended Expanded Course Outline (ECO), Hourly Distribution Schedule, and Facilitation Guide Lesson Plan were produced along with new learning activities. Additionally, all Principled Policing courses (Course Control Number 12425) must be updated before they are presented.

A letter was sent out to identified Principled Policing presenters who have not incorporated the new material in the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and have not presented within the last two years. The letter requested a status update if they wish to continue presenting the course or opt to have it decertified.

For any questions regarding this update, please contact William Baldwin, Law Enforcement Consultant with the Training Program Services Bureau, at (916) 227-4263.

Basic Course Certification Review of San Jose Police Department’s Regular Basic Course

BTB BCCR of San Jose Police Department Memorial
San Jose Police Department Memorial

On January 22-25, 2024, BTB conducted a Basic Course Certification Review (BCCR) of the San Jose Police Department’s Regular Basic Course. The BCCR is an in-depth review of Basic Course presenters and the certification of their courses to promote the quality, integrity, and safety of entry-level peace officer training in California. POST ensures all certified Basic Course presenters are in compliance with Penal and Government Codes related to POST, Commission Regulations, Commission Procedures, and Training and Testing Specifications. 

For questions regarding the BCCR process, please contact Bill Lewis, Staff Services Manager in the Basic Training Bureau, at (916) 227-4856.

Meet the New POST Employees

Vinh Huynh

Vinh Huynh

Staff Services Manager I (Specialist)
Administrative Services Bureau

Vinh came from the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) where he served as an Associate Budget Analyst for their Budget Office. Vinh is currently assigned as a Staff Services Manager I (Specialist) in the Administrative Services Bureau.

Steve Fisher

Steve Fisher

Law Enforcement Consultant II
Learning Technology Resources Bureau

Steve comes to us after 28 years of service with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, where he last served as a lieutenant after serving in a wide variety of capacities with the sheriff’s office. Steve is assigned as a Law Enforcement Consultant II and is currently completing his bureau rotations throughout POST.

Shereen Bajwa

Shereen Bajwa

Staff Services Analyst
Intake and Disposition Bureau

Shereen’s past employment includes six years as a recruiting analyst for a staffing firm known as PrideStaff. Prior to that, she worked for ten years with an agriculture company as an administrative assistant. Shereen is currently assigned as a Staff Services Analyst for the Intake and Disposition Bureau.

Matt McCabe

Matt McCabe

Law Enforcement Consultant I (Retired Annuitant)
Professional Conduct Central Bureau

Matt comes to us from the California Department of Justice (DOJ) where he served as a Special Agent Supervisor. Prior to DOJ, Matt worked for the California Department of Insurance, as a Detective, and for the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, as an Investigator. Matt is assigned as a Law Enforcement Consultant I (RA) in the Professional Conduct Central Bureau of the Peace Officer Standards and Accountability Division.

Kevin Hatano

Kevin Hatano

Law Enforcement Consultant II (Retired Annuitant)
Management Counseling and Projects Bureau

Kevin was born and raised in Sacramento. He began his law enforcement career in 1986 with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. Kevin spent most of his 26-year career with the Stockton Police Department, retiring as a captain in 2012. Kevin is currently assigned as an LEC II, Retired Annuitant, working in the Management Counseling and Projects Bureau.

Lindsay Lewellyn

Lindsay Lewellyn

Staff Services Manager II (Supervisor)
Certification Bureau

Lindsay earned her bachelor's degree in Public Relations, Communication Studies from California State University, Sacramento, and comes to POST from the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) where she served as the workforce development manager. Prior to DHCS, Lindsay was a Training Analyst with the Women Infant and Children (WIC) Program at the Department of Public Health (CDPH) and worked for various lobbying groups prior to state service. Lindsay is assigned as the Staff Services Manager II in the Certification Bureau.

Paul Nanfito

Paul Nanfito

Law Enforcement Consultant II (Retired Annuitant)
Professional Conduct Northern Bureau

Paul worked for Red Bluff Police Department for 32 years and retired as the chief of police in 2015. From there, he went to the Sacramento County Regional Parks as a sergeant and retired in January of 2024 just prior to coming to work for POST.

Shannon Mahoney

Shannon Mahoney

Staff Services Analyst
Basic Training Bureau

Shannon comes to us from the California Police Chiefs Association where she served as the data and account manager for almost nine years. Prior to that, she worked for an Association Management firm as a communications director for 20 years. Shannon is assigned as a Staff Services Analyst in the Basic Training Bureau.

Recently Approved Rulemaking Files

The following is a list of recently approved rulemaking files proposed by the Commission on POST. The Office of Administrative Law reviews these rulemaking files to ensure compliance with the Administrative Procedures Act.

View all Commission on POST Regulatory Actions.

  • Amend Peace Officer Background Investigation and Public Safety Dispatcher Background Investigation 
    Commission Regulations 1953 and 1959 (Non-Substantive)
    Approved January 17, 2024
    Effective January 17, 2024
    OAL Notice of Approval and Approved Text (pdf)
  • Amend Minimum Standards for Training 
    Commission Regulation 1005 (Non-Substantive)
    Approved January 24, 2024
    Effective January 24, 2024
    OAL Notice of Approval and Approved Text (pdf)
  • Amend Minimum Standards for Training - Learning Domains 10, 22, and 28 
    Commission Regulations 1005, 1007, 1008, and 1059 (Non-Substantive)
    Approved January 25, 2024
    Effective January 25, 2024
    OAL Notice of Approval and Approved Text (pdf)

Additional information regarding the Commission Regulation changes can be obtained by contacting the Regulations Analyst at (916) 227-4894.

Legislative Update

Status of Current Legislation

The following is a list of bills POST is monitoring during the 2024 Legislative Session.  These bills could have an impact on POST operations or be of significant interest to law enforcement partners. It is not a complete list.  (Updated 2/8/2024)

Bill # and Author Title and Summary Status of Bill

AB 1839

Assembly Member Alanis

Peace officers: education and hiring grants

Would, subject to an appropriation, establish the Law Enforcement Officer Grant Program under the administration of the Student Aid Commission to provide grants of up to $6,000 per year to individuals enrolled in a modern policing degree program at a California community college who commit to work for 4 years as a peace officer at a law enforcement agency, as specified. The bill would require grant recipients to agree to repay the grant to the state if certain conditions for the grant are not met, except as specified.

Introduced: 1/6/2024

AB 2042

Assembly Member Ramos

Police canines: standards and training

Would require the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training, on or before January 1, 2026, to develop standards and training guidelines, as specified, for the use of canines by law enforcement. The bill would require each law enforcement agency in California, on or before January 1, 2027, to adopt a policy for the use of canines that, at a minimum, complies with the standards developed by the commission, and to require regular and periodic training for all canines and canine handlers that covers, at a minimum, the training guidelines developed by the commission. Because the bill would impose additional requirements on local law enforcement agencies, the bill would impose a state-mandated local program.

Introduced: 2/1/2024

AB 2138

Assembly Member Ramos

Peace officers: tribal police

Current law grants specified limited arrest authority to certain persons, including federal criminal investigators and park rangers and peace officers from adjoining jurisdictions. Current federal law authorizes tribal governments to employ tribal police for the enforcement of tribal law on tribal lands. Existing federal law requires the State of California to exercise criminal jurisdiction on Indian lands. Current state law deems a tribal police officer who has been deputized or appointed by a county sheriff as a reserve or auxiliary deputy to be a peace officer in the State of California. This bill would deem certain tribal police officers to be peace officers on Indian lands and elsewhere in the state under specified circumstances. The bill would set certain minimum qualifications and training requirements for a tribal officer to act pursuant to this authority and would place certain requirements on the employing tribe, including certain financial responsibility requirements, a limited waiver of sovereign immunity, and the adoption of a tribal law or resolution authorizing that exercise of authority and providing for public access to certain records.

Introduced: 2/6/2024

SB 1020

Senator Bradford

Law enforcement agency regulations: shooting range targets

Current law requires law enforcement agencies to maintain specified policies, including policies regulating the use of force and the use of certain defensive weapons. Current law requires each peace officer to complete all pre-service and in-service training mandated by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training. This bill would require each law enforcement agency and police academy to prohibit the use, as specified, of ethnic shooting targets, as defined.

Introduced: 2/6/2024

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