Peace Officer Hearsay Testimony 

Proposition 115 / PC 872(b)

PC 872(b) allows peace officers with specified training or five years of experience to provide hearsay testimony during preliminary hearings. 

Peace officers who attended California's Regular Basic Course, Specialized Investigators Basic Course, PC 832, or Module III that began on or after July 1, 2007, have qualifying training. 

Peace officers who did not attend one of the courses specified above or who do not have five years of experience, and who intend to provide hearsay testimony at preliminary hearings should first their local District Attorney’s Office to determine the local requirements for hearsay testimony in their jurisdiction. 

The POST-developed Hearsay Testimony training video is available in the POST Learning Portal.  

For non-POST agency personnel in need of the training course, the agency training coordinator is the point of contact for program access.  The agency training coordinator should send a request to  The email should include your request to become your agency's Learning Portal Administrator for the Hearsay Testimony training course.  Once established, the coordinator will be responsible for arranging and supporting the online training for their agency.