Team Building Workshop Presenter Recruitment

The California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) is seeking to increase the cadre of Team Building Workshop (TBW) Presenters. The application period will be from July 1 - July 31, 2024. All interested presenters should review POST’s Team Building Workshop Program for complete details regarding program design, eligibility, guidelines, and the agency application process.

Program Design

The TBW Program pairs independent specialized consultant services with the management team of a local agency to assist with problem solving, developing organizational goals and objectives, and/or team building within the agency. POST has an approved list of over 20 presenters to present/facilitate the workshop. The facilitation of the workshop by a POST-approved, impartial, non-client agency employee is crucial to the success of each workshop. Only POST-approved presenters, on the provided list, may be selected by client agencies to conduct the workshop.

Presenter Background and Experience

Team Building Workshop (TBW) presenters possess a wide variety of experience and education that allow them to be successful facilitators of these workshops.  Work experience commonly includes law enforcement, education and/or business experience.  Currently, there is no specific educational requirement to become a presenter; however, several current presenters hold Bachelors, Masters and Doctorates in an array of disciplines including administration of justice, communication, and leadership, etc.  Previous experience in conducting a TBW or similar event is highly desirable.  Each applicant’s background, including work experience and education, will be evaluated to determine if it is applicable to effectively facilitate a TBW. 

Presenter Expectations

Each presenter, once selected by an agency to present a workshop, will be required to generally follow the typical phases of the program (See the Team Building Workshop). Once a date and time of the workshop is agreed upon by the agency and presenter, the presenter shall submit a request for a Course Control Number (CCN) to the program supervisor or designee before the start of the workshop. At the completion of the workshop, the presenter shall submit a signed Course Roster certifying attendance of all parties to the workshop. Lastly, the presenter shall assist the agency with the submission of the agency’s required Action Plan and assist the agency in the implementation of the items listed in the plan. Presenters may not contact TBW client agencies to provide private consulting services for a six-month after the completion of a TBW. Presenters are reimbursed by POST via a Presenter Reimbursement Request at the conclusion of each workshop.

Presenter Pay

Presenters are paid a flat rate, including hourly salary, sustenance, incidentals, and meeting room rental fee offset, of $5,550.00 for a 40-hour (three days on-site) workshop, and $4,430.00 for a 32-hour (two days on-site) workshop. The length of the workshop is agreed upon by the client agency and presenter, based on the needs of the agency. The presenter may have to contribute up to $250 per day to the client agency to offset meeting room costs for every workshop, which will reduce the total fee received by the presenter up to $750.00 for a 40-hour workshop and $500.00 for a 32-hour workshop.