Basic Course Waiver

Out-of-state applicants may meet California's Regular Basic Course (academy) training requirement by completing the Basic Course Waiver process. The Regular Basic Course is the training requirement for POST-program city police officers, sheriff's deputies, marshals, district attorney investigators, campus police officers, park police, Level I reserve peace officers and a few miscellaneous peace officer positions identified in the California Penal Code.

There are two types of Basic Course Waivers.

  1. Regular Basic Course Waiver
  2. Specialized Investigators’ Basic Course Waiver

An applicant must successfully complete the entire Basic Course Waiver (BCW) process to obtain a waiver. Agency sponsorship is not required to participate in the BCW process, and acceptance of a waiver for meeting the Regular Basic Course training standard is at the discretion of the employing agency.

Questions regarding the BCW process, application, or the Specialized Investigators' Basic Course Waiver (SIBCW) process may be directed to the Basic Course Waiver unit at

Regular Basic Course Waiver Process

The BCW is a four step process that evaluates prior law enforcement training and tests knowledge and skill level. These steps must be completed in the order shown. There are fees for Steps 2 and 3.

Step 1: Application/Self-Assessment

To start the Basic Course Waiver process, please complete the Regular Basic Course Waiver Application (2-267) (pdf). The application/self-assessment must include verification of successful completion of each of the following:

  • At least a 200-hour general law enforcement basic course,
  • At least 664 hours of general law enforcement training (including basic course),
  • The legislatively mandated training subjects included in the Regular Basic Course
  • At least one year of general law enforcement experience
    • Please note: At this time, deputies with corrections experience only and most GS 0083 federal police officers do not qualify
  • No Fee

Step 2: POST Training Evaluation

The applicant's self-assessment and supporting documents are evaluated to determine if the general law enforcement training and experience requirements have been met as outlined in Step 1.

  • The non-refundable $250.00 fee is payable by electronic payment, cashier's check, or money order made payable to CA Commission on POST, Attn: BCW. To pay by electronic payment, you must create a POST PASS account. 

Step 3: Basic Course Waiver (BCW) Assessment Process

The BCW assessment is accomplished by successful completion of a POST-certified Requalification Course. All BCW applicants must attend the course unless they meet the test-only criteria listed in Commission Regulation 1005(a)(1)(C)(2).

A list of available Requalification Courses can be found in the POST Course Catalog.

  • Fees vary by presenter. 

Step 4: Waiver Issuance

The waiver letter granted by POST waives the required completion of a California POST-certified Regular Basic Course and is valid for three years.

  • No Fee

Note: Government Code 1029 disqualifies any person previously employed in law enforcement in any state or United States territory or by the federal government, whose name is listed in the national decertification index, or any other database designated by the federal government, or who engaged in serious misconduct that would have resulted in their certification being revoked in this state.

For information on changes to Government Code 1029 and Senate Bill 2, visit Decertification or SB 2 FAQs .