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Peace Officer Psychological Evaluator Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Tracking System

POST requires those who conduct psychological evaluations of peace officer candidates to direct a portion of their required continuing education hours to courses that focus on the competencies required for this specific function. After an initial six hour requirement, each psychologist will be required to complete a minimum of 12 hours of POST-approved continuing professional education (CPE) every two years, coinciding with their individual license renewal cycle.  This requirement is located in Commission Regulation 1955(b).

In support of this requirement, the online Continuing Professional Education Tracking System (CPETS) was created to provide evaluators and employing agencies with the tools necessary to comply with this requirement.  CPETS provides online recordkeeping of information on both psychological evaluators and POST-approved courses.

Psychological Evaluators

CPETS provides the ability for psychological evaluators to input and keep track of courses they have taken in compliance with Regulation 1955(b).  In addition to CPE course information, the individual evaluator can provide additional professional information, including contact information and resumes through the Psychological Evaluator Profile Submission form.  For law enforcement agencies seeking the services of a psychological screening evaluator, you may access the list of Psychological Evaluators.

POST-Approved CPE Courses

All POST-approved CPE courses have been reviewed for relevance to and instruction and/or training in one or more of the POST Peace Officer Psychological Evaluator Competencies as outlined in Chapter 3 of the POST Peace Officer Psychological Screening Manual. The CPE system maintains an online list of these POST-approved courses. Course providers, evaluators, or other individuals may submit a course for approval by completing a CPE Course Submission form.