Evaluator Details

NameCatherine Delsol
Date Evaluator Began Screening Candidates
License Renewal Date4/30/2018
CPE Credit Hours56.5
AddressCity of Los Angeles- Medical Services Division
CityLos Angeles
Phone Number213-473-6957

Approved courses

The psychological evaluator has completed the following courses for continuing psychological evaluator education credit.

Course TitleProvider NameDateCPE Hours
Legal Update: Police Psychological Services Section 2012 IACP Conference - PPSS 20129/29/20121
Progress Report: Effects of Combat Stress Upon Reintegration for Citizen Soldiers and on Psychological Profiles of Police Recruits with Prior Military Experience IACP Conference - PPSS 20129/29/20121
Basic Psychometrics: A Refresher for Police Psychologists IACP Conference - PPSS 20129/29/20120.5
Creating the IPI-2 Termination Prediction IACP Conference - PPSS 20129/29/20121
The Integration of Data in Psychological Assessment of Law Enforcement Personnel IACP Conference - PPSS 20129/30/20120.5
Positive Response Distortion by Police Officer Applicants on the MMPI-2-RF: Preliminary Findings IACP Conference - PPSS 20129/30/20121
Exploring the Boundaries of Applicant and Promotional Testing IACP Conference - PPSS 20129/30/20120.5
Introduction to MMPI-2-RF Pearson Assessments2/14/201312
Pre-Employment Screening of Police Applicants American Academy of Forensic Psychology CE Programs4/19/20137
The ADA and GINA in Employment-Related Mental Health Evaluations American Academy of Forensic Psychology CE Programs4/21/20137
Detecting Deception Among Public Safety Applicants: Interviewing Techniques & Statement Analysis City of Los Angeles, Personnel Department, Medical Services Division, Psychology Section6/16/20156
IACP 2015 - Legal Update for Law Enforcement Psychologists IACP - PPSS10/24/20151
IACP 2015 - Differences Between Law Enforcement Candidates With and Without Prior Military Service as Seen in the Results of PEPE on the MMPI-2 and PAI IACP - PPSS10/24/20151
IACP 2015 - The Incremental Validity of Using Personality Assessment and Biographical History in Predicting Academy Success IACP - PPSS10/25/20151
IACP 2015 - Current Issues in Police Psychology IACP - PPSS10/26/20152
MMPI-2-RF and CPI in Law Enforcement Screening: Predicting Academy and Probationary Performance The City of Los Angeles, Personnel Department, Medical Services Division, Psychology Section 12/1/20156
IACP 2016 - Legal Update: Police Psyhological Services Section IACP - PPSS10/15/20161
IACP 2016 - Enhancing the Efficacy and Science of Pre-Employment Psychological Screening through Research Collaboration IACP - PPSS10/15/20161
IACP 2016 - Assessment Protocols, Procedures, and Pass Rates for Psychological Evaluations of Police Candidates: A Contemporary National Survey IACP - PPSS10/16/20161
IACP 2016 - Current Issues in Police Psychology IACP - PPSS10/17/20162
Assessing PTSD in Public Safety Employment Applicants City of Los Angeles, Personnel Department, Medical Services Division, Psychology Section8/3/20173

Continuing Professional Education Compliance

Past cycles

Compliance CycleRequired HoursCompleted Required Hours?
initial cycle6 yes
9/1/2014-4/30/201610 yes

Upcoming cycle

Ending Date Required Hours CompletedHours
4/30/2018 12 8