Evaluator Details

NameTroy Ewing
License Number20089Verify License
Date Evaluator Began Screening Candidates7/1/2013
CPE Credit Hours145.5
Address1555 River Park Drive
Suite 211
Phone Number916-482-6463

Continuing Professional Education Compliance

Mandated CPE Course(s)

Course Title Completion Date
POST Peace Officer Psychological Screening Manual Book-Based Exam 3/10/2020

Mandated CPE Hours

Past cycles

Compliance CycleRequired HoursCompleted Required Hours?
9/1/2014-10/31/20141 yes
11/1/2014-10/31/201612 yes
11/1/2016-10/31/201812 yes
11/1/2018-10/31/202012 yes
11/1/2020-10/31/202212 no: 12 additional hours required

Upcoming cycle

Ending Date Required Hours Completed Hours
10/31/2024 12 0

CPE Courses Completed

The psychological evaluator has completed the following courses for continuing psychological evaluator education credit.

Course TitleProvider NameDateCPE Hours
2013 Psychological Screening Program Training California Department of Human Resources7/16/201312
Report Writing for Law Enforcement Psychological Screenings Ewing Psychological Center5/14/20146.5
CalHR Training - Evaluating Candidates for CHP CalHR Psychological Screening Program8/25/20148
CDCR's Training on Psychological Screening Process (PSP) of Correctional Officer Applicants Ewing Psychological Center3/18/20158
POST Psychological Screening Workshop Commission on POST6/6/201522
MMPI-2-RF Police Candidate Interpretive Report and Its Use in the Peace Officer Preemployment Selection Process Mindset Continuing Education8/12/20166
Evidence-Based Report Writing Using The MMPI-2-RF Police Candidate Interpretive Report Mindset Continuing Education9/9/20166
IACP 2016 - Enhancing the Efficacy and Science of Pre-Employment Psychological Screening through Research Collaboration IACP - PPSS10/15/20161
CDCR’S Training on Psychological Screening Process (PSP) of Correctional Officer Applicants Mindset Continuing Education10/28/20166
Legal, Ethical, and Cultural Considerations for Conducting Peace Officer Preemployment Psychological Screenings Mindset Continuing Education11/18/20166
Using the MMPI-2-RF and CPI-434 in Peace Officer Candidate Screening Mindset Continuing Education4/24/201714
The JR&A CPI Police and Public Safety Report as Part of the Test Battery for the CDCR Johnson, Roberts, and Associates6/16/20176
CDCR Pre-Employment Peace Officer Psychological Screening and Report Writing Mindset Continuing Education1/12/20186
Psychological Fitness-For-Duty Evaluations For Police and Public Safety Positions Mindset Continuing Education4/21/20186
Conducting Second-Opinion Preemployment Psychological Evaluations of Police and other Public Safety Candidates Mindset Continuing Education 6/16/20186
Law Enforcement Suicide and Health Risks: Scope of the Problem and Strategies for Intervention Mindset Continuing Education9/8/20183
CDCR PSP Report Writing Training Mindset Continuing Education9/6/20196
PTSD: Neurological Associations With Impaired Decision-Making Among Police Officers Mindset Continuing Education12/5/20193
Essentials of the Psychological Fitness- For-Duty Evaluations for Police Psychologists Mindset Continuing Education12/18/20193
Foundations and Discussion of the Second Opinion Psychological Evaluation Process of Law Enforcement Candidates Mindset Continuing Education1/3/20203
POST Peace Officer Psychological Screening Manual Book-Based Exam Commission on POST3/10/20208

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