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POST Regulations

POST regulations are intended to implement GC 1031 and set minimum selection and training standards for POST-participating agencies. Although participation in the POST program is voluntary, almost all California agencies do so. To be part of the program, agencies must agree to abide by POST standards.

The POST peace officer selection standards are contained in Commission Regulations 1950-1955. These standards require:

  • Fingerprint and criminal history check of local, state, and national files,
  • A background investigation to ensure good moral character [per GC§1031(d)],
  • Medical and psychological suitability examinations [per GC§1031(f)],
  • An oral interview by the department head or representative(s), and
  • A measure of reading and writing ability.

Additionally, requirements regarding the conduct of the background investigation, and medical and psychological examinations, are detailed in Commission Regulations 1953, 1954, and 1955.