Specialized Investigators' Basic Course

The Specialized Investigators' Basic Course is the entry-level training requirement for some California investigators as specified in Commission Regulation 1005. Information on the presenter of the POST-certified Specialized Investigators' Basic Course can be found in POST's Catalog of Certified Courses.


The Specialized Investigators’ Basic Course has a minimum hourly requirement of 591 hours, which is divided into 37 individual topics, called Learning Domains. The Learning Domains contain the minimum required foundational information for given subjects, which are detailed in the Training and Testing Specifications for Peace Officer Basic Courses. The training and testing specifications for a particular domain may also include information on required instructional activities and testing requirements.

Student Workbooks

Student workbooks are important sources of text-based information for the Specialized Investigators' Basic Course. These workbooks introduce each topic and contain self-assessment questions, chapter objectives, workbook learning activities, terminology and definitions. The Student Workbooks may be ordered online.

Student Preparedness

The Specialized Investigators' Basic Course prepares each student for an investigative position by providing hands-on experience, including weapons training, role-play scenarios, arrest and control techniques, investigative case management, and surveillance. Students must pass written, exercise, and scenario tests to demonstrate readiness for an investigative position. Minimum training and testing requirements for the Specialized Investigators' Basic Course can be found in Commission Procedure D-1.

Requalification Requirement

As specified in Commission Regulation 1008, requalification of Specialized Investigators' Basic Course (SIBC) training is required when:

  • An individual does not become employed in a position that requires the SIBC within three years of successful course completion, or
  • An individual completes the SIBC, and subsequently has a three-year-or-longer break in service from a position that requires the SIBC.

To requalify, an individual must successfully complete the 160-hour POST Requalification Course.