Jail Deputies

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a Jail Deputy?
    In 1996 California Governor Pete Wilson signed legislation enacting Assembly Bill (AB) 574 allowing the County of Los Angeles to designate deputies who are employed to perform duties exclusively relating to custodial assignments as Jail Deputies. Since this designation was implemented on January 1, 1997, 31 other Counties have been granted this authority. In accordance with PC 830.1(c), Jail Deputies have peace officer powers anywhere in the state only while engaged in the performance of the duties of his or her respective employment.
  2. What is the process for hiring a Jail Deputy?
    Because a Jail Deputy is defined as a Peace Officer by the California Penal Code, applicants must undergo an extensive process before they are hired by law enforcement agencies. Jail Deputies must, at a minimum, meet the selection standards outlined in the Government Code and pass the POST selection requirements contained in Commission Regulations 1950-1955 prior to hire. Since the process is the same for hiring full-time peace officers and Jail Deputies, we encourage the use of POST Tabs for Peace Officers during the background investigation process.
  3. Once a designated County hires a Jail Deputy, what information needs to be reported to POST?
    Commission Regulation 1003 requires that agencies that are part of the POST program report the appointment of all peace officers to POST using the Notice of Appointment/Termination (NOAT) (2-114) (pdf), within 30 days. When the NOAT for a Jail Deputy is received, POST staff will inspect the individual’s background package and basic training during the next scheduled agency compliance review to verify that the selection process and the initial mandated training meet Commission standards.
  4. What is the Jail Deputy designation on the POST Notice of Appointment/Termination form?
    The NOAT form will designate Jail Deputies as JDEP. Subsequent promotions within the correctional systems allows for a subsequent NOAT to track Jail Sergeants and Jail Lieutenants as JSGT and JLT.
  5. Does POST track the ongoing training records of Jail Deputies?
    No. POST will accept Standards and Training for Corrections (STC) in-service training as meeting the Continuing Professional Training (CPT) requirement and will have no further oversight of JDEP training. There are no Perishable Skills Program training requirements for JDEPs.
  6. After the initial compliance review, what records will POST review involving Jail Deputies?
    Following the confirmation of the selection process and training standards, POST will verify that the JDEPs remain members of a department during the roster verification component of the annual compliance review.