Vehicle Pursuit Guidelines

  1. Does this training requirement apply to all ranks (Chiefs, Sheriffs, captains, etc.) and all types (reserves, detectives, DA investigators, etc.) of peace officers?
    Yes, the law, Penal Code (PC) §13519.8 and Vehicle Code (VC) §17004.7, requires all peace officers to receive the training annually in order to qualify for immunity.
  2. Does the training have to be POST-certified?
    No, POST will not certify the pursuit policy to comply with Penal Code (PC) §13519.8 and Vehicle Code (VC) §17004.7.
  3. Does my trainer/facilitator have to be a POST-Certified Instructor?
    No, you may use any trainer/facilitator.
  4. By what date does the Pursuit Policy training need to be completed?
    Training needs to be completed annually.
  5. What are the minimum hours for this training?
    Commission Regulation 1081 states that the training has to be at least one (1) hour in duration.
  6. What content will be addressed in the training?
    Per Commission Regulation 1081:
    • Vehicle safety, operation, and tactics
    • Agency vehicle pursuit policy
    • Assessing risk, dangers, and conditions
    • Public safety
    • Officer safety
    • Importance of balancing the known offense and need for apprehension against the risks to officers and the public
    • Consideration of law enforcement vehicle pursuit issues
    • When to initiate a pursuit
    • The number of involved law enforcement units permitted
    • Responsibilities of primary and secondary law enforcement
    • Driving tactics
    • Helicopter assistance
    • Communications
    • Capture of suspects
    • Termination of a pursuit
    • Supervisory responsibilities
    • Blocking, ramming, boxing, and roadblock procedures
    • Speed limits
    • Inter-jurisdictional considerations
    • Conditions of the vehicle, driver, roadway, weather, and traffic
    • Hazards to uninvolved bystanders or motorists
    • Reporting and post pursuit analysis
  7. Does an agency need to do anything besides provide the training?
    Yes, agencies must provide all peace officers with a copy of the agency pursuit policy. Peace officers must also sign an SB 719 Pursuit Policy Training Attestation (doc) that states they have "received, read, and understand" the agency pursuit policy. The agency must retain this form. Please DO NOT send attestation forms to POST.
  8. How is the training delivered and who may deliver the training?
    There are at least four ways to deliver your Pursuit Policy training. Some have instructor requirements. Here is a summary of options/requirements to fulfill the mandated training in Penal Code (PC) §13519.8 and Vehicle Code (VC) §17004.7: In-house, non-certified training (no instructor restrictions), content restrictions as described in question #6.
  9. Where can I get the POST Law Enforcement Vehicle Pursuit Guidelines?
    The POST Law Enforcement Vehicle Pursuit Guidelines (pdf) are on our website.
  10. Will POST review my agency's pursuit policy?
    No, POST recommends that your agency retain competent legal counsel.
  11. Who should my agency contact if we still have questions?
    Training managers or agency executives may contact a Regional Training Consultant for more information.